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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Happens in my Migraine-Inducing Stupor

That's me under the rice sock my mom made me (yes, it helps!) Not pictured: the Winnie the Pooh my 3 year old gave me.

It is nearly impossible to entertain my poor children when I'm laid out with a migraine but they did pretty good yesterday. Nothing I took worked, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think. They did watch some tv and play in their rooms and I only had to break up a fight or two but we all survived.

However, I do some really stupid things when I can't think.

Like the following:

1. While cooking dinner, I rested my giant Sam's Club bag of pasta on the hot burner, burning a hole in the bag, creating a second hole and spilling the pasta everywhere, including onto the hot burners. So the rogue pastas wouldn't light themselves on fire, my kids walked in on my swiping all the pasta onto the floor in a panic. This caused them some distress as to why mommy was making such a huge mess on the kitchen floor but after I told them I was saving them from a tiny pasta fire, they understood and were quite possibly thankful.

2. I then proceeded to begin measuring the pasta to put it into the boiling water but because the bag now had two holes, it was spilling into the pot through both holes in the bag and therefore I made way too much. And unless you're talking about chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream coming out of a machine at the same time, coming out both holes is never a good thing.

3. The huge bowl I had wasn't enough to contain all the pasta I accidentally made, so it overflowed out of the bowl and also I leaned too far over my giant mound of cooked pasta and burned my nip through my shirt.

4. After the danger of any fire was over and dinner was finally cooked (the kids loved it but it honestly smelled disgusting because most things smell disgusting when I have a migraine) I cleaned up the pasta off the floor with the dustpan and walked into the wall, spilling the pasta again.

5. After dinner, I decided it was finally time to take a shower, and I squirted a large amount of facewash in my hands and began to wash my hair.

6. Rock bottom moment of the day: bawling during Rick Steves' Europe. Something is wrong with me.

I feel better today thankyouverymuch and today I can think.

Thank goodness.

So we should all be safe when I heat up pasta leftovers for the next 5 days.

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