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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christmas In September (A Giveaway Post!!!!)

**This giveaway is now closed**Congrats to Shelley at Diaper Bag Diary for winning the giveaway!

We had a couple of special visitors come visit us at Christmas last year from the North Pole.

They came here and they caused a lot of trouble.

They emptied all the dishes out of the cabinet.

They TP'd the place.

They made popcorn and watched "Cars." All.Night.Long.


They made forts.
And played with all our toys.

They made all this trouble at night when everyone went to bed and we'd wake up and see allll the trouble they'd caused.

You see, (as the story goes) the Elves finished up their work early at the North Pole and they got a short vacation break before the hoopla of Christmas night so they came to our house! I'm not sure who had more fun, the Elves or the kids or all the fun Mommy and Daddy had coming up with this stuff.

Last year before Christmas, my best friend told me about Elves from Catie, which is also called "Host an Elf." She and her family have had endless fun with their elves so I was excited to do this myself!

When parents decide to "host an Elf," or buy an Elf "bundle" and I say "buy" because one day my kids might read this and the jig will be up so for now I'll pretend that even if they could read, which they can't (well one of them sort of can but he doesn't know about my blog yet) anyway I'll pretend that if they could read, they can't read through crossed-out words, what you get when it comes in the mail is an Elf and a book about the Elf and a letter about what the Elf is doing there for you to read to the children.

You can choose from a few boy or girl Elves and they are so stinkin adorable I love love love them. Somuch.

We have had so much fun with these guys coming to visit us that it has become a wonderful Christmas tradition for us to wake up to the week before Christmas. I've "heard" it can be a lot of work depending on how much trouble the Elves decide to get into, but that's half the fun of it!

Even if they don't get into any mischief at night (where's the fun in that, though!), the kids loved on them so much during the day.

Oh, and since the Elves were such good friends with Santa, well, they had the special capacity to tell Santa whether or not the kids were being naughty or nice. "The Elves are watching," I'd warn.

For (at least) the week before Christmas, the kids were really, really good. HMMM.


The Elves can also do really good deeds and be great examples for the kids. (I've heard they're great for the classroom too!)

At the end of their stay, we had a lovely send-off to our Elves when it was time for them to go back to the North Pole to help with Christmas Eve. And the Elves send back letters throughout the year, hoping to come back next Christmas! (Yes, they are still here, they're hidden away and they'll "come back" at Christmas. Get it?)

The Elves are really, really fun themselves, but here's the real reason for this giveaway.

What I love even more about the Elves is that they're from a place that's very special. These Elves also help take care of children with cancer. As I mentioned, they're from Elves From Catie, and Catie is a very special little girl who lost her battle to cancer at four-years-old.
In Catie's story on their website, Catie's mom, Jenny, writes:

"Our daughter has cancer. Medulloblastoma, an ugly kind that has forced her to fight far harder than any four year old should. Hospital stays are never easy, but this time she is really sick. She’s not so sick that she’s never excited about her new sibling, due to arrive in two weeks, but she is very, very ill."
In her post, Jenny asked God for help in healing her baby girl. But God had other plans for Catie.

"Eight days after Jenny wrote this, Catie lost her battle. She never got to meet her sister Izzy, who arrived the same week Catie was buried. No family should have to go through this. It is only a small gesture, a sign that we all share in the pain the family of a child with cancer feels, so please sponsor an 'Elf From Catie.'"
You see, for every Elf you buy, another Elf goes to a little boy or girl who's battling cancer in the hospital in memory of Catie. Money raised from the Elves also go to helping find a cure for cancer.

And because it's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, this month only, for every Elf you buy, TWO Elves also go to children battling cancer in the hospital.

Now for the giveaway part!
As part of this giveaway, one lucky reader will receive an Elf Book Bundle (and you can hide it away for Christmas!) which comes with:
  • a boy or girl elf
  • Jellybeans, the Elves favorite food!
  • A keepsake "suitcase" box
  • A beautifully illustrated Elf Adventure Book
The BEST part about this giveaway is that two children who are battling cancer right now will also receive Elves and have them by their side to keep them company throughout their battle.

Here are the rules for this giveaway: (Three chances to win!)
  • Leave me a comment telling me about your special Christmas traditions.
  • Post this giveaway on Facebook or your blog and leave another comment telling me so or with the blog link.
  • Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me about it.
You must leave a separate comment for each entry.

This giveaway will end Wednesday the 29th at noon ET so I can get the order in by Wednesday night! Since the last day of September is on Thursday, that will also give you time to order one if you haven't won! And then two children who are battling cancer will also receive Elves.

Even if you don't buy one this month, you will still do some good if you buy one any other time of year and now you know about this website and how much fun the Elves are, so maybe you can start a new tradition in your house or classroom too!


Bacardi Mama said...

Two of my favorite traditions have to do with getting ready for Christmas. The first is when we put up the tree, I have my dad's ornament that we made for him when we were kids. It is always the first ornament to go on the tree, front and center. Somehow, that little tradition makes him feel closer. He has been gone 33 years now and I still miss him every day. The second is about when we set up the manger. We put baby Jesus in my husband's desk and on Christmas morning, he goes in the manger. My oldest granddaughter has taken over this job now. Very simple things, but they mean so much to us.

Bacardi Mama said...


Mendie said...

One of my Christmas traditions is making sure that I'm in bed by midnight Christmas eve. I've done it since I was young and hope to pass it along to my child.

Shelley said...

We did something similar last year with a little elf I bought at the store, except he didn't cause an mischief. Each night he moved to a different spot in the house and the kids would have to find him the next day. It definitely worked for us too with improved behaviors! I think I like Elves From Catie idea better. The story behind it brings tears to my eyes.

Andrea said...

Our usual tradition was to have my father spend Christmas eve with us. He has passed away recently, but we still plan on keeping him with in spirit by watching his favorite Christmas Movie, the black and white film of A Christmas Carol.

Andrea said...

Tweeted (@nikostar)

Andrea said...

Posted on Facebook

(Andrea Staten)

mommaof3ontherun said...

We have lots of Christmas traditions. My favorite is that my children get to open one gift from under the tree on Christmas Eve prior to spending the evening with family. I love watching my kids shake and rattle all the presents to decide which one they will open. Priceless.

Kirsten said...

We don't have any specific Christmas traditions per se. But just spending time together in a more quiet realm of reading books or enjoying the cozy winter days (we have those up north, you know!). It's a time we make an extra effort to focus on family.

Tina Peterson said...

Our tradition since I was in Jr High was to read the Christmas Story from Luke before we open presents on Christmas Eve. We still continue this tradition today but now my 7 year old nephew is the one reading the story. (The youngest reader has always read the story)

I first heard about the Elves last year - and Catie's story makes it even better. Thanks for sharing.

Tina "The Book Lady"

Tina Peterson said...

I posted this contest on FB

Tina "The Book Lady"

Tina Peterson said...

I posted this contest on FB

Tina "The Book Lady"

Tina Peterson said...

I posted this contest on FB

Tina "The Book Lady"

Tina Peterson said...

I tweeted for you to (I didn't put it ends at noon though)?!/familyliteracy/status/25854377450

Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

We usually open one present on Christmas Eve!

feh79 at yahoo dot com

Giant Sis said...

My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around and looking at Christmas lights. It's such a peaceful time - and we're all trapped (oops, I mean "sitting") in the car together, so it's easy to talk or sing or just enjoy the time together. We also always have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. My mother-in-law started that when her kids were still little, and we just continued it at our house!
wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

jodi said...

we love driving around looking at lights and watching A Christmas Story and The grinch who stole Christmas
jodi233 (at)

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