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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Like a G6. Wait a Minute. What's a "G6?" God I'm Old.

You know you're old and out of touch when a song comes on and it's very much in English, yet...


Like the song "Like a G6."

In which the first line is a dead giveaway. Because I have no idea what a "G6" is. (This is the part where you don't judge me.)

The first time I heard the song I loved it! It was in Vegas and I was out at a club dancing with my husband (see? I'm hip!) and wearing a new hot pink shirt (very, very hip!) and actually getting hit on in front of him, (super duper hip! Although let's face it, if I were hip, I wouldn't say 'super duper' would I? Darn.) And we were dancing like we had a couple drinks and we just met (ahem) and I loved this song so much!

It made me want to get my groove on.

And I did.

Until of course, I turned to him in such a way and asked, "Did she just say 'cheese stick'"?

"Um, no honey. She said, 'G6'" he tells me drunkenly lovingly.

And I shrugged, took a sip of my drink and danced away.

Eh, G6, cheese stick! They sound the same, right?

I mean why wouldn't she be singing a song about a "cheese stick" anyway?!

Plenty of things can be like a cheese stick! I don't know what they are, but I am sure that there's something!

And it sure seems like something yummy to sing about! (And if it's low-fat or part-skim, even better!) At least my toddlers would say so anyway, right? They'd love a song about a cheese stick.

But it turns out she's saying, "Like a G6" and of course I don't know what that means, even being back from Vegas for a couple of weeks now. And it didn't bother me about what it was until I heard it again and again on the radio and I was still sort of dancing in my seat to it (because I only hear it in the car).

But then I realized there are other words in there I don't understand.

So I'm driving around in my mini-van after successfully couponing and saving my family 83 bucks (yes! The coupons and the buy one get ones -- I saved 83 bucks! $200 in groceries for about $120!! I'm that awesome.) and I am pulling out of the store in my minivan after my successful couponing venture and I am listening to this song and thinking to myself how I really have no idea what these words are. It's not even like I don't know what they mean, I truly truly don't know what they are!

Like: "slizzard," "sizzurp," and then something new called a "three 6." Which incidentally rhymes with "G6."

Go figure.

So I get home and I turn to my old friend, my husband, who is about 50% helpful ("I think it's a kind of a car! But sizzurp is a gin and juice, I'm pretty sure.")

And usually I'm good with the "figuring out what words mean in context" thing, but on the radio I hear "syllable syllable syllable G6!" "syllable syllable syllable SLIZZARD" and I don't know what's happening.

So then I contact my other old friend, Google, which comforts me because as I type in the question: "What is a G6?" I see that someone else has typed the question too and even someone else has typed the question but it says, "What in the bloody hell is a G6?" which is sort of how I felt but I didn't ask it that way.

So Google tells me it's a type of airplane. She's flying like a G6. OK, I get it now.

And when I Google the song and read the lyrics, I can now put two and two together because now it's not all garbledy on the radio, there is now actual context and I figure out for myself that "slizzard" is a slang for "getting drunk." But that doesn't help me for "sizzurp."

So then I have to turn again to Google for "sizzurp" and the Urban Dictionary definition comes up and tells me that a "sizzurp" is a drink made up of cough syrup with codeine, a Jolly Rancher, and soda (sooooo not a gin and juice, honey!) which causes a "slow trip."

Wait a minute, that's actually a pretty scary sounding drink that these kids could get into trouble with! (OMG I AM my mom. Wait, no I'm not. I just used 'OMG.')

I'm sure it's no coincidence that I have turned 35 this week and I am hearing songs with lyrics I do not understand.

I would like to think I'm the cool mom (I mean, all us moms got the secret cape thing going on, how cool is that? Right? Please tell me none of you knew the words to this song either.)

But dammit, if I find out my kids are drinking a "sizzurp," they're in big trouble!

I mean, in about 10 years or so. Hopefully more.

By the way, turns out "Three 6" isn't a car. It's a rap group called the "Three 6 Mafia." And they're actually pretty big and famous.

Should I tell my rap-loving, young at heart husband he's 0 for 3?


This can just be our little secret. Mkay?


Kirsten said...

Thanks for the 411. But after hearing your description, it still doesn't make me want to find it and listen to it. :)

Beki said...

Wow - I've never heard of this song. I bet if my 19 year old was around more I would have though. And I'm with you, if my boy ever drinks a sizzurp (was that what it was called?) I will kick his butt!

AnnG said...

Wow!! Thaks for the tips...I am soooo out of touch with what the slang words are and mean that people can be talking right in front of me and it will go right over my head! And if you are OLD then I must be nearly ANCIENT at 45!!

mommaof3ontherun said...

LOL...I'm out of touch too. I work in the schools and hear lots of new slang for stuff...most of it scares me because it is everchanging code to keep the adults from knowing what they are talking about. Sizzurp sounds bad....not sure I want my kids casually singing about it....

Nicole Dufala, Remax Realtec said...

ROFLMAO (see, I pretend to be a cool mom too!) Definately needed this post this morning. Now I have to go fix my makeup from shedding tears from laughing so hard.

The Doll said...

I've never heard this song and I'm young (I at least consider myself young). I also had no idea what the lyrics were about until you explained them. I'm just as clueless.

Dawn said...

OMG, I have no clue what any of that was about, & don't even think I've heard the song yet, but I'd bet my kids have, and can likely sing along, whereas I would also be lost.
too funny!

Jessi said...

OMGoodness, this post was hilarious! I'm not sure if I've heard the song or not (I tend to just listen more to the tune and beat--the words come later). It constantly amazes me to hear about how/what is being used to get "high". Cough syrup, seriously?! Thanks for the info...and now I'm off to find the song.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard this song! What kind of radio are you listening to??

Anonymous said...

purple drink is another name for the cough syrup drink.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm 16 and me and my friends also had NO idea what a G6 is...there is also a status on facebook that everybody has liked that says im so fly like a G6, wait wtf is a G6? See! Ur not all out of touch lol. I actually came onto this site asking what a G6 was. BTW the song is really not good. Its so repeatative.

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