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Friday, June 10, 2011

Only One Mickey Was Hurt During the Making of this Pancake.

It's Friday. School's out. I'm making pancakes.

I got the request to make a full-body Mickey pancake to which I shuddered because large pancakes only ever mean total annihilation followed by tears and feelings of loss that mommy doesn't have the skillset for an elaborate pancake (like apparently my husband does as proven in the Guess the Pancake Shape contest I held a couple weeks ago.)

The rest is a post best told in pictures.
Starting out well. Please refrain from comments of Mickey's design. The key here is to maintain an approximate shape with the end result being one piece. One piece is key.
This seems like it requires two spatulas. Time is running out. I have to figure this out quick or there will be a burned Mickey pancake.
Dammit! I panicked mid-flip! I can't handle this stress!
OK he made it. Sort of. With an, um, a broken neck. Poor Mickey. Very sorry. I will put a layer of syrup there so no one notices. Well, that didn't work. He noticed AND he's crying. But he's still eating it, so that's good. Onward to the next one!
Note to self: Mickey needs a big neck.
And a bigger spatula.
Success! (ps. shut up. I know he looks like a teddy bear.)
That's my excitement this Friday morning. Now we're off to make a Jake and the Neverland Pirates treasure box and some ice tray ice pops! Have a great weekend!

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