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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are You Racing this Weekend?

Yesterday my husband and I ran the Oldsmar Taphouse 5k and tomorrow I am doing the Dunedin Sprint Triathlon which is sort of our tri-group's home turf, we train there all the time so I'm excited!

I'm sorry to say I did not PR the 5K last night, in fact coming down the pike I saw I wasn't going to so I backed off a little. IT WAS HOT OUT! All I really cared is that I come in sub-30 and I did. By like 5 seconds. Ha! But it was a "taphouse" 5k, which meant there was beer and that made the race even funner. Of course, adding beer to an already dehydrated person is a recipe for a migraine so I went home with my head blazing so it probably wasn't a good idea.

I feel good today though. Time to hydrate!

The kids are at my parents' house right now which means we got to sleep in! It was like Christmas! And today, instead of going out and getting his & her massages, we're doing what any couple would do when they have a kid-free house.


Of course.

(Where was YOUR mind?)

I can go through their toys without having little people screaming about what is going to the big toy box in the sky.

If you're racing, HAVE A GREAT RACE! Leave me a comment so I can cheer you on! And if you're not, what are you doing this weekend?????

Have a great day!

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