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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Now THIS Movie Looks Good: The Help

TheHelp: Courtesy Dreamworks Studios
Part of my Disney Dreamworks Trip for the premiere of Cars 2 for 5 Minutes for Mom also includes seeing the movie, The Help.

Which I'd never heard of.

But then I saw the featurette they sent me and I am really, really excited to see the movie.

Based on the New York Times Best Seller and starring Emma Stone and Academy Award Nominee Viola Davis, the film is set in the south in the 1960's and it's about a girl in who just graduated with a degree in Journalism (right up my alley, right?)

She wants to do a story from the point of view of "The Help" only it turns out to be much bigger than that, everyone wants to get involved, all the maids in Jackson, Mississippi.

I just love how when you set out with a story idea it grows into something you've never imagined. That's what happens to her. Telling stories is what makes me love (and miss) being a journalist. From Dreamworks:

"Based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times best-selling phenomenon, “The Help” is a provocative and inspiring look at what happens when a southern town’s unspoken code of rules and behavior is shattered by three courageous women who strike up an unlikely friendship."

Change, sisterhood, womanhood, hope, storytelling and real journalism, this is a must-see for me.  Plus, Mary J. Blige is part of the soundtrack. I love her.

If you have a minute or two to find out what this movie is about, take a look at the featurette they sent me, I think it's a must-see for you too:

I'm hoping to finish the book before I get there. I can't wait to share the review!

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