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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Lord Vader On Whirlwind Autograph Tour

We have one autograph in our Disney autograph books and it's not Mickey. It's not Minnie. Not Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Cinderella, Woody, Buzz, any of the Einsteins (am I missing anyone?)

It's Darth Vader.

It seems a little weird to have Darth Vader on the first page of our little Mickey autograph books, even before Mickey himself, but it was Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios and all the characters were out.
And it was no big deal to see the other characters signing autographs, but honestly I couldn't help laughing at Darth Vader, all tall and menacing in his dark cloak with his scary heavy breathing and all, standing there signing Mickey and Princess books.

Not Menacing
There was just something about it, I can't put my finger on it. He spent the day being both menacing and not menacing.

It was confusing!

Next you're gonna tell me he's starring on a Disney on Ice show.


He really is starring in Disney on Ice?

Oh, whew. You scared me.

For a second I pictured Darth Vader skating around in his long black skirt all flowy and whatnot and I think any menace, force or authority he has in the universe would be promptly removed by the skates themselves and perhaps the triple sow cow in the choreography. Unless of course the Emperor got a final say on the choreography and struck any triple toe loops out of the program.

I know it's super exciting for the kids to wait in line for an hour to get Darth Vader's autograph but I wish there was a more menacing delivery for the autograph. Like perhaps ordering a Storm Trooper to do it after he gave them the "force hand claw" thing or something.

That might be cool.

Not really menacing but acceptable
Because honestly, Darth Vader, how can we take you seriously after this?
This is just silly.

(ps. There is a pretty interesting Caption Contest going on with the above picture  at my Facebook page. Sorry, no actual winner, just a lot of funny answers.)

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