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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Super MOM of the Month! Robin Kamps

One of my favorite things about the Super MOM of the month here at my blog is that it is not just for mom bloggers, it's for everyone! Half of the moms nominated for this award have been non-bloggers, and I love that! So when you're thinking about the special moms in your life, think about bloggers and non-bloggers alike when you're nominating for June's Super MOM of the month (and for the rest of the year too, mkay?)
Today's Super Mom story is a story about payouts. No, moms don't get paid (nor do we even want to be paid. OK maybe it would be nice.)

But we do like to know that what we're doing is working. Because so often we wonder if it is. Actually, for years and years and years we wonder if it is.

This month we're honoring a mom who is seeing all of her work right now. As we speak.  Her name is Robin Kamps.
robins picture from the 80's
Robin, for a tech-savvy mom, you sure need more recent pictures of you!
I mean, us moms with toddlers find our hard work paying off in little moments, sometimes when my son says, "I love you," to his little brother instead of pounding him, or when you see him help someone on the playground who fell off their tricycle. Those are the payouts I get right now and I love them so much. But it's hard because you very often feel like the "bad guy" and you worry about their future.

The big payouts come later, when you've made it through the teen years and you see their careers take off or the woman or man they're marrying or in this case, the colleges swarm around him!
Headed to the college of his choice! Way to go Robin! I mean, Chance!
This month's Super MOM of the month is my cousin, Robin, who was nominated by my Aunt Carol (who, by the way is Robin's mother-in-law! Which is another little nugget of awesomeness in and of itself! I hope my mother-in-law nominates me for something one day!)

Here is what Aunt Carol writes in her nomination:

"I would like to nominate Robin Kamps for Super Mom. She has been Soccer Mom for three sons, active in school for each of her three sons, handled this while her husband is traveling three days a week away from home.

She is also doing everything possible to help Chance with his college applications, research and preparation. All this while driving to travel soccer games, etc. This is all in addition to everyday household routine things. She deserves a medal for 'supermom.'"

I so totally couldn't agree more!

As a mom to two boys, (who has absolutely no idea what I'm doing nearly most of the time) watching this whole process of Robin's son getting his choice of schools and visiting colleges and being an all around good kid, gives me HOPE!

I could really go on and on about the awesomeness of moms here because think about this circle of life: my aunt raises her son, who grows up to be a super-smart, great, successful guy who picks a super awesome SUPER MOM for a wife, Robin, and then they go on to raise three super AWESOME boys, the oldest of which had his PICK of colleges!?
Not one, not two, but THREE!! That's a lot of energy under one roof!
Get what I'm saying? It is a big circle of motherhood, generation to generation, choices now inspiring the choices of future generations! It's an amazing thing to watch and be a part of!

So, ROBIN! You're this month's SUPER MOM OF THE MONTH! And what timing, with Mother's Day right around the corner! You have three AWESOME boys there and it's all your fault! *snicker*

Happy Mother's Day and congratulations for being SUPER MOM! Here is your button should you choose to use it (on Facebook or elsewhere! Just click on it and share from Flickr!)


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