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Friday, May 06, 2011

Are You Wearing Red Today?

Wanna see some hot ladies?

Wanna see some hot ladies wearing red?

Ok, ok, that sounds like some sort of commercial you only see late at night. I can only imagine the google hits I'm going to get now.

For real though, as always on Friday I'm wearing red today. We're wearing red to support our troops. (The quick recap on that is here.)

It's been just over 2 weeks since my brother-in-law left for Afghanistan. I hear he hasn't showered in quite some time (peee-ooooo).

But he is able to make the occasional phone call and he's doing ok.

I am a worrier and so I can worry and wear red while I pray. Besides sending packages and moto-mail of me, my family, and strangers wearing red to support him, that's about all I can do from here.

I continue to thank you all who have worn red and continue to wear red on Fridays. It is a movement I saw on Facebook and had to participate in and I am so happy to see you sharing the Red Friday love.

Thank you Bari, at Live Laugh Run Breathe, I love you!


And thank you, cutie patootie Brooke over at Smart + Strong = Sexy, for this lovely montage of support!

Hi!!!! (says Brooke!)

Wear red and support the troops, grrrrrr!

Nah, just kidding! About the grrr part. Wear red to support the troops! Oooh rah!

(Isn't she cute?)

(ps. I added the captions.)

If you wear red, email me (christieo at averagemomswearcapes dot com)or twitpic a picture of it to me on Twitter, @christieo! I'll add you to my Red Friday posts and forward your support onto my brother-in-law! Plus my sister who's eagerly awaiting his return gets to see all the support too and I love that.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend to all the moms out there and thanks for sharing the love!

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