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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Day Packed Full of Baseball and Mad Scientists

I've been working for weeks on this Mad Scientist party for my 5 year old and today is the day! OK I've been working on it for days in spurts because I've been so busy but still, this has been a really fun party to plan. I hope that the mad science lab we have showing up is as awesome as it sounds and if so, I cannot wait to share this secret I have been in the dark about for years now! A mobile mad science lab that comes straight to you?!

So besides the mobile mad science lab (which is SO inexpensive I can't even believe it) I have "plasma samples" test tubes, beakers, dry ice, hazmat signs, a mad science hall of fame, and wait till you see what the goodie bags were made from! (And they were free!) However this is a theme that you can easily go crazy on and by the way, almost all of the people you invite will actually come because it's so cool, so just be forewarned whilst in the invitation stages.

It's also a big big day because it is also the last day of baseball. I haven't updated our progress in tiny sports throughout the season but I will do a full recap of both at some point but I will say actual playing appears to be on a "season on season off" basis and this season it was "season off" for baseball and tiny soccer.

I think we learned a few things along the way and by we I mean me too, but there was definitely very little playing and lots and lots and lots and lots of digging. The fields should be pristine and fully weeded by now. Along with the dugouts. Because they're not really dugouts in sandlot baseball which is what tiny baseball is called, they're benches with fences around it in some grass, but they probably are dugouts by now actually with the amount of grass pulling that went on in there this season. I'm just saying.We have bright futures in landscaping and lawn management here.

I mentioned that our coach is a former major league baseball pitcher, right? I found his baseball card on Ebay and (as team mom) I'm giving each of the kids one of his baseball cards. I think it'll be cute for 5&6 year olds to look back on in their teen years and lifetime knowing he was their coach wayyy at the beginning.

I can't have enough coffee today, honestly. My hair is still in disarray and my eyes are still half-closed and I have to be out the door in 45 minutes yikes!

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend so far!

Oh before I go, the winner of the cool pair of Sigg Water bottles is: dana10879! You should have received my email, congratulations! You will now be hydratin in style!

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