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Friday, April 22, 2011

Prayers Needed

Today I am wearing a red shirt because it's Red Shirt Friday. I heard about Red Shirt Friday on Facebook and until my brother in law comes home, me and my blog are participating.

It's official.

Last night, my brother-in-law made his way into Afghanistan.

He's right at the front and he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

He is a Marine.

He is also a husband, a daddy, an uncle, a Godfather, a son, a brother, and a grandson and to add to his titles he recently found out he's going to be a daddy again, too, so come November, right when he's scheduled to come home, he'll be a "father of two."

Right now he's real important to this country but back home he is real important to a lot of people.

So he needs to come home safely. As do all the men and women he's fighting with.

So I am asking today, on Red Friday, this Good Friday, or this weekend if you are at church and celebrating Easter (or even perhaps in the daily rotation?) will you say a prayer for him and his safe return?

And if you can spare two prayers, will you pray for the strength of my sister who will be waiting with her baby girl and little tiny bean on the way for him to come home safely?

She reads this blog and will hear your encouraging thoughts and words. She sure could use them.

I know inside she feels like her cape is crumpled but I can assure you (and her) that it's fastened on quite tightly and perfectly pressed while she's at it. That's just how she rolls. (And by the way, military moms and wives wear bright, beautiful beddazzly capes and I think sometimes they're also made of steel.)

There is not much I can do from here, half a world away from my brother-in-law and three states away from my sister.

But I sure can pray and gather prayers from my friends. So if you can spare one, two, or perhaps, 6 months worth...

Cause even strong people need prayers sometimes.

And if you're waiting for someone too or you just want to show your support for troops, you can wear a red somewhere today, or on a Friday, any Friday too! With me! Target (the red shirt Mecca) is having a sale on fitted red tees for $8 of which I have partaken.


I have an idea! If you perhaps choose to wear red after reading this (which you don't have to of course but think about it), I would love love love it if you would take a quick picture with your phone cam and email it to me or Tweet it or tweet me and I will post it here in future Red Friday posts -- and even in the Moto Mail my brother in law gets every day if you'll let me!)

It's a tough job out there and I hear morale ain't so high, so support back here will hype him and his guys up for sure.

I mean, could you imagine being able to send him a laugh pictures of random people (well not random to me of course!) wearing red supporting him and his team? It'd be so awesome! He'd think I was nuts which he already does! OMG the possibilities are endless! You could wear red and then hold a sign saying, "Hi Christie's brother in law!" or something equally as catchy. Or you could dress up all your little people in red and take a picture! Or even the dog! Or the fish!

OK I'm getting out of control.

Perhaps because we all need a laugh and a prayer at some point.

Anyway. Thanks, friends. Your prayers are so greatly appreciated, you have no idea.

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