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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stories from the Trenches

StoriesfromtheTrenches_edited-1OK mamas out there. Time to do some sharing because it's a "I've been there too" type of day.

I was going to blog yesterday about being stuck in the trenches but then things wouldn't load quickly and when there is sickness in the house there is no time to wait for computers to load and open! So I shut er down.

Anyway, I didn't follow my instinct over the weekend. I knew it was a bad idea but I still did it thinking, "How bad could it be? Stop being a stickler! This is their favorite place in the world!"

So I violated my own policy of 'no bouncy houses in the winter time' when the flu and the germs run rampant and instead, we went ahead: onward to the bouncy place for a birthday party. And they had a blast. Such a blast that we had to leave early because the kids they were so spent they were picking fights with each other (and one slugged the other in the face. Exit stage left. And that's a whole 'nother trench story topic for moms with boys less than 2 years apart. Also someone bumped into my husband in the tiny lunch space and he dumped a plate of freshly hot-sauced wings on me and my white hoodie. So things were adequately spiraling out of control.)

Anyway. The little one got a stomach thing for one day and it was gone. But the OTHER one got the stomach thing and got it at 7 at night where it continued until 8 the next morning so we all pulled an all-nighter (husband included! and then he went to work the next day and achieved saint-hood in my book) and then the bug decided to switch things up a bit and that kept the laundry going on the "Sanitize" setting all day. Also we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 over and over again. Which I think commits me to having to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 which is in theaters right now I'm not sure. Ps. It could have been the bounce house or it could have been anywhere else but just for today I'm blaming it on the bouncy house with the kidspit and kidboogies everywhere.

By the end of yesterday my eyes were almost swollen shut and I felt like I was covered in whatever, but I only had one window for my hair appointment before my anniversary on Saturday and it was right after the kids went to bed last night even though I had to wake up at 4 a.m. today to get in my bodyfail workout with the trainer. (Sidebar: We did plank walks. As soon as I got there. I hadn't even fully woken up yet and my body was sent into failure. You put these slippery disks under your shoes while you're in plank position and you drag your body across the floor in plank position. If you want to try this, go get two paper plates, put them under your feet while in plank position on a rug and pull.)

I'm scattered.

Anyway, IF I don't get whatever just went through my house, I now have blonde hair again and I'm ready to go to sushi and dancing for my anniversary.

The older one is still not feeling quite right, so we're staying home again one more day and I'm in SANITIZE THE ENTIRE HOUSE mode.

So please feel free to air all your tales from the trenches today mkay? Tales of stomach things, flus, how you got over it, what it screwed up (because a week out screws up everything! We have our very first baseball practice tonight ever! Did you know I am a baseball fanatic and I have sons? I have been dreaming about my son playing baseball my whole life! Or at least since I found out I was having a boy! No worries, if he hates it, I'm not the person to keep pushing him so I can live out my inner mandreams.)

That is all. Out of the trenches today, two cups of coffee and a workout under my belt, typing pretty fast because I'm sufficiently caffeinated and I'm ready to face the day!

O'Sullivan out.


Joanna said...

How did I know that I could come on over here and completely cheer myself up.

I am starting Day 3 of being snowed in...cabin fever is hitting me BIG TIME!!

I want to work out - but I want to do it outside. I can't work out, though, because I have no WATER... my pipes are frozen going on the second day.

We are literally bringing in pots of snow to melt just so we can flush the toilet (TMI?)

Thankfully, hubby is out already on the hunt for heated pipe tape and bottled water... hopefully he can save my sanity.

Wait - I'm writing my blog post here!! OH WELL.. I needed the vent..LOL

Thanks for, once again, putting a smile on my face... I definitely needed it. :)

Anonymous said...

While we haven't been sick, I can totally sympathize with that pent up feeling. Jake and Emma have not had a full week of school since before Christmas. Schedule holidays, 2 hour delays, snow days, OH MY!

And I believe you saw my Facebook about Mean Mommy being in full blown Mean Mode? Yeah. That's me.

I'm done with winter.

Roo said...

I'm still trying to pull myself out of the trenches although I think we're finally on the mend. Boys are better. Girls are on antibiotics and no longer contagious and Clorox has been used on, well, everything.

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