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Friday, February 04, 2011

He's One of the Yankees

We're starting tee-ball on Saturday (hurrah!) and after we registered, we got our call from the coach who left me a message about when the first practice was (which was yesterday which we missed because we've been sick of course) but oddly, he didn't mention the team's name on the voicemail.

Which was fine because it doesn't really matter anyway but I was just wondering because all the practices and games on the schedule are listed by team name and I sort of needed to know.

So I called us in "sick" yesterday for practice to the coach and we hung up and I realized I still did not ask him the team name and so I called him back and sheepishly asked and he said, happily and very manly-like, "The Yankees!"

And I thought, "Cool." And hung up.

And then I thought, "Oh wait a minute."

Since you know, I'm really a die-hard Mets fan.

OK fine, it's tee-ball I know this is just silly talk here and as I was thinking about rooting for my little Yankee I had a realization that although I have been to Yankees games and even watched them on tv because they really are a great team Derek Jeter and have no problem rooting for them Alex Rodriguez as long as they are not currently opposing the Mets, I have never actually purchased any Yankees merchandise whatsoever for fear of my fingers falling off at checkout.

But now. Now is probably a different story. There will probably be a Yankees purchase at some point you know, because he's going to like being a Yankee and he's going to see the team gear out and about and recognize it and want some of it.

And when he has on his little Yankeewear (oh this is so weird) I will be undoubtedly swooning over my 4 year old in a baseball uniform but ohmigod it's the Yankees!

I'll hold off on the purchase of Yankeewear for now until he figures out that they're really one of the most popular teams in America and that Yankeewear is everywhere for consumption and gives me the choochie eyes about wanting a Yankee shirt.

I will blog that day when I make my first Yankees purchase. If my fingers didn't fall off at checkout.

ps. Sorry Yankees fans. Still love ya!

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