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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Super MOM of the MONTH! Nominated by BROOKE!

It's FEBRUARY 1ST! Do you know what that means?

Time to announce this month's MOM OF THE MONTH!

Can I just tell you how much I love sharing real women, real SUPER WOMEN with the world? Even if no one is paying attention, somewhere in the world there are eyes reading about wonderful, average, real women who are anything but average, who are managing every day to do it all and with strength and grace. I love that.

This month's Super MOM of the MONTH comes to us from Brooke over at Smart + Strong = Sexy and this is her nominee:

I'd like to nominate my sister, KELLY, for Super Mom of the month.
What makes her so great?

merry go round
She's the cute one in the middle who looks exactly like Brooke.
 Motherhood is in her veins. Even before she had children, she knew she wanted to make a difference in their lives. She currently teaches middle school social studies. Her students even friend her on facebook (an excellent tool to keep tabs on them says Super Kelly).

With her first pregnancy she was thrown straight into the fire. A few days after giving birth, she went to the Emergency Room and was admmited with congestive heart failure. When a CAT scan was scheduled, her panic attack began. The fluid around her heart already gave her trouble getting a breath and the thought of going into the tube seemed unthinkable.

The doctor looked at her and gave it to her straight. "If you want her daughter to grow up with a mother, you'll shut up and let us get started." With that verbal smack across the face (that she confesses was much needed) she let the doctors get to work.

And with that her journey into motherhood began. She's raised an amazing self-sufficent daughter who is helpful around the house. The Princess loves to eat salads and begs to do dishes after dinner. Seriously.

3 years later, with her doctor's assurance that she probably wouldn't have a similar episode, she and her husband decided to take the plunge and have baby #2. Her Little Man is equally fabulous and loves his mommy. (For the record, it happened again, but no where near as badly as the first time.)

I admire the way she doesn't let things stress her. She looks at a house messy with toys and sees the way a house with kids should look.

Since the day I was born she has been my hero, my idol, the person in the world that I want to be like. I'm proud to have such a wonderful sister and best friend.
I agree, sisters are pretty awesome and Brooke, yours is amazing!! Kelly, the people in your life think you're pretty super! Don't look now, but YOUR CAPE IS SHOWING!

Congratulations, Kelly, you are this month's SUPER MOM OF THE MONTH!

* * *
Want to nominate someone for Super MOM of the month? Is there a mom in your life or in the blogosphere who inspires you and should be recognized for her Super Mom ability? Click here for the details or email me about a mom you know who ROCKS! (christieo at


Roo said...

Way to go, Kelly! You are amazing!

Amy said...

Congrats, Kelly! From everything Brooke says about you, I think you're pretty amazing!!

Joanna said...

What an amazing mommy!!! YOU ROCK, KELLY!!

AnnG said...

What a great nominee!! Sounds like she definitely deserves it!! SuperMom and SuperBoo (Brooke) are both wonderful women!!

Jay Fradd said...

Yeah, she really is pretty much the best mother ever!

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