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Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Prediction on the Outcome of the Super Bowl Based on a Dream About a Sweatshirt

Last week, I had a dream I was wearing a Steelers sweatshirt.

Now, because I don't have an opinion on the outcome of the game and in fact am not a Steelers nor a Packers fan and completely oblivious to the fact that they were even the two teams playing in the Super Bowl, really, (I am in fact a Buccanneers fan but only because I live where they play) I found it a really weird dream if I say so myself.

I don't understand why I was wearing a Steelers sweatshirt. Or why or when I would have even procured a Steelers sweatshirt (no offense) but I remember it being a big deal to everyone that I was wearing it including myself and I even remember looking down and seeing the black and yellow and thinking, "This is weird, I am a Steelers fan?"

I take it to mean that I have super-sensitive instincts for predicting the future and that the universe is sending me a message! (Because why wouldn't I? That would only make sense!) So you can go ahead and place your bets because I am sure that I dreamt of wearing a Steelers sweatshirt because the Steelers in fact are going to win. I am sure of it. And because I am a completely impartial Super Bowl watcher, it must be true.

In fact, I am so sure of it that I will actually buy a Steelers sweatshirt and wear it during the game.

You wait and see. And then we can reconvene here later when I am proven right or completely wrong and embarrassed and you can totally give me crap for it, I give you permission.

In hindsight, thank goodness I was only dreaming of a Steelers sweatshirt and not of anything else Packers related which might make more sense, maybe?

Sorry Packers fans, that's my super-scientific completely and totally unpassionate call.

Hmm. Maybe they're not going to win at all and I'm going to move to Pittsburgh at some point and that's what the dream was trying to tell me.

That's it! I'm moving to Pittsburgh!

They are from Pittsburgh, right?


Pubsgal said...

Girlfriend, you crack me up!

I have no preference. Although I guess I would root for the Steelers because I have friends from there.

How did Little League go? Today was our first day of practice, and I was excited...not as much as you-I don't have as much attachment to the game-but our coach seems very nice, one of our neighbor friends is also on the team, and it just feels like one of those rite-of-passage things. (And we had amazingly perfect's probably going to be freezing and foggy most of the time.)

Brandi {1 of 2} said...

Woooo hoooo!!! Go Steelers!!! =)

Joanna said...

It makes total sense to me that you'd be given this amazing super power. ;)

I don't watch football, so I couldn't care less either way... but now you've perked my interest. My son is going to watch the Super Bowl in his room... so I'll make sure he keeps me updated cause I'm going to laugh my hiney off if your prediction is, indeed, accurate. :)

AnnG said...

oh are they really gonna have the SuperBowl?? With all the hype about the bad weather in Dallas/FtWorth this week I figured they would cancel it cuz no one could get there!! lol
Personally, I got out just in time!!! and I heard it snowed/iced again...haven't checked though (since I'm in KS right now)!! Can't wait to hear how your prediction went!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, let me fill ya in! You dreamt it because your good friend (ME) is from Pittsburgh & you love me, so of course you would root for the Steelers.....even unconciously in deep REM sleep. Love ya C! Big hugs! GO STEELERS!!!

P.S. BTW....there is no way in hell I would let you move to Pitt. Too cold and way too far from all of us wonderful MLM mamas!


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