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Friday, December 10, 2010

Was Ralph Lauren at the Pickles Plus?

The Pickles Plus was bustling at lunchtime yesterday and I'm pretty sure Ralph Lauren was one of the bustlers.

It looked like Ralph.

He was wearing some pretty cool clothes.

And he was talking about clothes too and the girl sitting across from him was talking about fabric with him and some line at Nordstom.

Not that I was listening.

Ok fine maybe I was but only because every time I started to talk, my mom shushed me so she could listen.

I'd never in a million years have thought Ralph Lauren was dining next to me at the Pickles Plus had it not been for my mom who was obviously sweating and flustered and completely incapable of reading a menu and ordering from the moment she spotted him and wrote it down on a piece of paper in front of me.

"That's Ralph Lauren sitting next to you," she wrote and quickly tucked the paper back in her purse.

"Naaaaah," I thought.

But could it be? Nahhhh.

I'm not really familiar with what Ralph Lauren looks like anyway and plus I was wearing a pasta necklace so I'm pretty sure I'd have been labeled "fashion disaster" if he had to make a decision right then and there about my appearance. Although I was wearing some pretty cool new brown boot thingies at the time. If that counts. And I say it does. Of course saying "boot thingies" might knock me back down to "disaster."

Anyway, I turned to my good friend Google once again to see if it was indeed him and honestly the man sitting next to me at Pickles Plus did look pretty similar to the pictures I pulled up on Google. And also I saw that he had a "Clearwater" line of dishes and a "Palm Harbor" line of bedsheets, and Pickles Plus is located in Clearwater and Palm Harbor is the town right next door.



But could Ralph Lauren really have been dining at the Pickles Plus?

Just saying that Ralph Lauren was at the Pickles Plus sounds kind of funny. Pickles Plus is really a long way from New York and I read he lives there. But it's just about time for the snowbirds, so could it be that Ralph Lauren is a snow bird?

I had never actually been to Pickles Plus myself, it was my first time and I had always been meaning to go because I pass it all the time. It turned out to be a fantastic little deli-cafe tucked away in a shopping center just in case you are wondering.

If I did restaurant reviews here, I'd definitely pimp out their pastrami corned beef sandwich topped with Thousand Island dressing and coleslaw that melted in my mouth. Because I wasn't allowed to talk anyway while my mom eavesdropped.

Also I might even mention the Ralph Lauren sighting in my restaurant review.

Famous people are probably a big selling point.

I know I probably should have taken a picture with my cell phone but he was only really inches away from me so it would have been obvious and plus I don't get as star struck as my mom, I really only just like saying that Ralph Lauren was at the Pickles Plus.

If it was him. Which I'm not sure it was. But it could've been.

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Brooke said...

lol! i was just wondering what a "pickles plus"

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