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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Super MOM of the Month!

This month's SUPER MOM nominee comes from a dear friend of mine who moved away just as quickly as I met her (did I scare her off??). Charlotte is a fellow tri-buddy of mine and she nominated a wonderful dear friend of hers as Super MOM of the month here and after reading about what she does in her life, I agree! So I introduce you to Annette! This is from Charlotte:

I'd like to nominate my friend Annette Hemphill.  Annette and I went to nursing school together a hundred years ago (well, okay, we graduated 5 years ago) so we've known each other 8, maybe 9 years.  Annette is active duty in the Navy, is married with three kids and a stay at home husband who works from home.  Annette's older son is attending VMI and she manages to drive down there most weekends to visit him along with working hours and hours at the Navy hospital during the week along with being there for her two younger kids (both highschoolers) as well.  She's also deploying to Kuwait in January so in the midst of all her usual stuff, is preparing for that.  Also, Annette recently found time to train for and complete her first EVER 10k race with me a few weekends ago.  She is a do-it-all, super Mom, in all senses of the word.

(She's the one facing the camera and she's pictured there with all her kids.)

Congrats to you, Annette! Charlotte is right, you WEAR YOUR CAPE OUT LOUD! You truly are a super MOM!

This is for you!

* * *
Wanna nominate a SUPER MOM of the Month? She's the average everyday mommy who manages to fit it all in with prowess and doesn't ask for any recognition for it whatsoever. She doesn't need to try to be SUPER because she already is! Do you know one of those? Send your nomination to:

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