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Thursday, November 04, 2010

What Generosity Looks Like

As I sit here trying to find the right words to describe the type of people I have been in touch with lately, I find myself drawing a complete blank.

So maybe instead, I'll show you what generosity looks like:
I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness from the kindness you've shown me.

A former co-worker I haven't spoken to in almost 7 years sent me a Boppy.

A complete stranger sent a baby outfit and a box of wipes.

Another complete stranger sent a Diaper Genie.

hatsMy friends sent me outfits and blankets, breast pumps, knitted me baby hats, collected Babies R Us gift cards, and sent us $300 in donations.


Just overwhelmed.

Thank you.

If you still want to contribute, we are still collecting donations that will go to more baby items, food and decorations. We're throwing baby showers at 6 hospitals in the Tampa Bay area for moms with preemies in the NICUs. Thank you so much to everyone. Doing this is a blessing on so many levels.

Thank you.

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Pubsgal said...

This is an awesome cause! So glad your moms group is getting lots of donations for the baby showers!

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