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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Difference Between Man and Wife

I saw the basic difference between man and wife this weekend and it boils down to one fundamental thing: a wife gets excited about new dishes.

The husband, however, not impressed by dishes.

And this basic difference speaks volumes.

Oh yes, new dishes excite me and I'm not afraid to say it out loud.

Especially when they're inexpensive and they're plain white and beeeyoooootiful.

And when I excitedly brought them home and expected the "over the moon" response that I had been carrying with me in my own self all day, I was a little crushed on the inside to not have my excitement shared with me.

But I suppose that's the difference between he and me.

He'd be excited about a new flatscreen.

I'd be excited about dishes.

He'd be excited about a new Dremel tool.

I'd be excited about shoes.

So here's the conversation about our new dishes:

Me: I got new dishes!
Him: Cool.
Me: No, really, these are THE AWESOMEST! They're just white! They're beautiful! And they were only $25 for a set of 6!! Isn't that amazing??!!!
Him: What's wrong with the old ones?
Me: Well we've had them since before we got married, they're this heavy pottery and they're starting to chip and I don't like them anymore. (I don't expect him to understand this.)
Him: Well those were fine. I have dishes from 12 years ago and those are fine.
Me: (thinking 'No they're not' but not saying that and instead saying:) Well I like these, look at them (proudly showing) aren't they beautiful??????   !!!!!!!
Him: They're dishes.
Me: (giddily and excitedly removing them one by one out of the package and shining them up and sliding them into their new homes) Ooh I can't wait to put FOOD on these! It's going to look so beautiful! (Picturing holidays with beautiful napkins and table settings and sugarplums dancing in my head...) Isn't this exciting??????
Him: They're dishes.

Two days later:
Him: (at dinner) These dishes are nice.
Me: (smiling.)

Not the excitement I wished for. But good enough.


Kirsten said...

See, you and T will get along famously. He's all about the white dishes that show off the food that was lovingly prepared and now displayed. Though we don't have white dishes right now. I like new pretty things of all shapes and sizes from bags/purses to shiny electronics. They are all good.

Bari said...

I'm with Kirsten, anything new and shiny would get me going! But I hear you on the dishes. We actually been looking for new dishes (and new flatwear-but that's a whole different animal) but because of the size of our extended families and the fact that we (having the big house and no little kids) usually host holiday get togethers, we need a set of 16. Holy $$ batman! So for now, we are living with my mom's good china for the adults and the corelle shit for this kids. For everyday, it's just the corelle crap.

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