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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower: Game #1 (Giveaway Post!)

Welcome to the first game in our Virtual Baby Shower! (Grab a piece of virtual cake -- oh, you want the corner? Corner it is!)

I'm so glad you joined in, join the circle, get your coffee, today we're doing a WORD SCRAMBLE!

And all the words have to do with either babies or NURSING! Or feeding! Which is very fitting because the prize for this game is a beautiful nursing cover from Bebe Au Lait! (HOORAY! And thanks Bebe Au Lait!)

This nursing cover makes the perfect gift for any new mom and is a great shower present, so even if you can't use this yourself, you must know someone who can! It's the best!

bebe au lait nursing cover
I personally have the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover in Chocolat (pictured above and that's not me in the picture).

My nursing cover was a necessity for me not only in nursing but in pumping, and yes, I have even pumped in the car while driving (while my husband was driving! Although I do have a friend who pumped while she drove and if that's not multitasking (and somewhat dangerous) I don't know what is!)

I remember days where I'd go to the mall to Christmas shop, then go out to the parking lot, pump in the car, and go back in to shop. This was a handy little cover (and pretty!) It also was obviously helpful for nursing in public and I was able to get over my fear of it pretty easily with this pretty cover. (I did a full review on this nursing cover previously and you can read all about that here.)

Well now that you know the prize, let's get to the game! It's a word scramble! And I know, these can be tricky online! So, in order to successfully play a word scramble on the internet without letting the world in on all the answers, you must email me the answers and leave a comment telling me so as your first entry into the contest. (


roes pplnies
ppleni ldihes
sinurgn oevcr
eeplsessl sgniht
babcgea slveae

OK, here are the rules:
  • First entry: email me your answers and leave a comment telling me you did. Feel free to also discuss your nursing or feeding experiences as well in the comments! This entry is mandatory!!
  • 2nd entry: go to the Bebe Au Lait website and leave a comment with which one you'd like best!
  • 3rd entry: Tweet/Facebook/ or Blog about the contest and leave a comment with the link.
  • 4th entry: Donate to the NICU showers at the Mommies Little Miracles website (top right hand corner) or purchase something off the Mommies Little Miracles NICU Showers registry (First Name: Mommies Little Miracles, Last Name: Tampa Bay). *NOTE* This actually gets you TWO more entries to this contest as well as two entries for the next two giveaways! So that's actually 6 entries throughout the duration of the baby shower! Just make sure to leave a comment telling me you've donated.
What are these NICU showers I'm speaking of? My preemie parenting group, Mommies Little Miracles, is helping to throw baby showers for moms who have babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units in our area (6 of them) in November as part of Prematurity Awareness month. And we need help and donations and gifts for moms! You can read more about the project here. And thank you to everyone who has donated already!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

For the winner of this game, I will draw the winner randomly, but the winner must have unscrambled all the words (or at least tried to!) I am having another game tomorrow and Friday and you can play any of them at any time and on account of Halloween being on Sunday, this contest will be drawn on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd and so will the others, so NOW you have all weekend to play! Contest ends at 12 a.m. Nov. 2nd (late Monday night.) ET.

*Note* The giveaway is open to all U.S. and Canada readers only, but everyone can play!

Disclaimer: Average Moms Wear Capes was not monetarily compensated for this post. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Have fun!


Mendie said...

I emailed you my guesses!

Mendie said...

The Sevilla cover is pretty!

Mendie said...


Laura P said...

Just emailed you!

Laura P said...

I like the black eyelet cover. Simple yet still pretty. :)

Pubsgal said...

Just emailed you my answers - that was fun!

Pubsgal said...

I like the restful greens of the Parkside design.

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