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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Virtual Baby Shower Time! (3 Days of Giveaways!)

virtualbabyshowerStarting tomorrow, I will be throwing a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER here at my blog with games and prizes and everything!

Hooray! It's a baby shower for the baby shower! (Does that make any sense? Probably not!)

I'll explain!

Next month, as part of Prematurity Awareness Month, my preemie mom's group, "Mommies Little Miracles," is throwing baby showers for moms who have babies in our local Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Tampa Bay. Six NICUs and some of those have up to 50 babies in them. If you do the math, that's upwards of 250 babies in our NICUs here in our city at any time! I explain more about that here.

Many moms give birth to their babies before they get their baby showers and not to mention the cost of having to care for a preemie with difficulties when the baby is released from the hospital and the emotional devastation and feelings of failure that a mom goes through when her body doesn't carry her baby the whole way -- this is why we support them with baby showers.

We're doing that next month, but starting tomorrow, we'll be showering here and the giveaways are for YOU!

All you have to do is play!

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to win the giveaway on each day in the following ways:
1. Just answer or play the game and your entry is a comment or answer!
2. Tweet about the games for a second entry.
3. Grab the button up top and blog about the game or play the game on your blog and leave your link in the comments.
4. Donate by either purchasing something off our registry ( First Name: Mommies Little Miracles, Last Name: Tampa Bay) or donating $10 or more and get TWO extra entries into all three contests! So yes, if you donate, you will automatically get 2 entries into each giveaway. Leave a comment letting me know which you've done!
You can play any game at any time this week and I will announce the winners of all the giveaways on Saturday!

GAME HINT:  There will be a photo sharing game on Friday for Halloween! So get out your cameras and take your pictures of your babies in this year's costumes or if you don't have children, share your own costume or pet costume, dig up the old photos from when you were a child, GET CREATIVE! There will be a linky for you to go check out all the great costumes! Your photo will be your entry!

Come back tomorrow to find out what the first prize is! Will you play??

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Pubsgal said...

Oooo, baby shower time! It's so awesome that you and your moms' group organizes this! (P.S. Keep an eye out for a package via regular mail, it should be arriving on Monday. :-)

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