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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Workout Wednesday: It was all good until it wasn't.

It was all good when I began my week last week, which for me, begins on Wednesdays typically, food-wise and exercise-wise because it's when I weigh in. Which coincidentally, I weighed in at the Sisterhood and that post is here. (Don't know what the Sisterhood is? Check it out!)And my first log of the 100 Pushup Challenge came in vlog form.  2 minutes of sheer gracefulness. (NOT!)

It was all good when I rocked the first 100 pushup challenge workout and the tworkout with The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and was sore till Friday.

It was all good when I realized I had muscles I didn't know I had, like right down near your armpit but not your armpit and not your chest, but right in the crook of it in that region there, there's a tiny muscle that lives there and it was mad.

It was all good when I did spin class on Thursday, had a swimming date night on Friday and swam a mile, and did a 10 mile run on Saturday. It was alllll good. Until then.

Then Sunday I got sick. And then it wasn't. I felt it coming on and it went downhill since then. I think it was the shopping cart. I always blame illness on shopping carts. I believe everything begins with the shopping cart.

So anyway, guess what I've been doing. (Rhetorical.)

Does blowing my nose count as cardio? Hacking?


Well ok, I did run my intervals on Monday after sitting in the parking lot of the gym for 10 minutes contemplating it. And for exactly 30 minutes, I had no cold! Gotta love adrenaline. Don't worry. I wiped the machine down real good with antibacterial.

And I haven't gone shopping so you'll see that in my Sisterhood post I am severely lacking in the eating well area.
Anyway, in sum, I'm redoing week one of the 100 pushup challenge. Because I want to and because I want to be better this week and because I want to pretend that the latter part of the week never happened and that I don't have one million zillion things to do before the kids return to school.

Are you doing the 100 Pushup Challenge? Do you want to? Read more...
And because it's Wednesday, here is the next installment of my...

101 No Excuses Fitness Tips to Get Your Butt Out the Door!
(Read 1-10 Here, this week we're beginning with #11 -- support. Very important. Ps. I realize that some of them overlap my BFF Tara Costa's tips from last week, but these are tried and true and worth repeating. Plus I wrote them before she told me about them.)

11. Get the support of your husband and/or family and make sure they all know how important it is for you to take this time out for you and how you'll be a better person for them if you do it. Everyone really does win!

12. Getting support actually takes some work and time. Sometimes no one believes you're serious. Sometimes you won't want to go (aka guilt) and sometimes they won't want you to go. You might have to prove yourself to them about how important it is to you. But that's ok, because you'll be proving yourself to yourself anyway, so eventually they'll be believers. They might even be on board and working out, too.

13. Have a wall of motivation. A corkboard or posterboard or something on your fridge or in your office that reminds you of your goals and what you're working for. Put pictures on it, before pictures, dates, mottos, slogans, anything and everything that inspires you. You can add "after" pictures as you hit different goals. You cross off goals you've reached.

14. Make lots of playlists of rockout music for you to get pumped to.

15. Find a workout buddy or a run or cycling or swim or tri group. These are people who can help you stay accountable, help you through tough workouts and inspire and push you.

16. Remember that everyone in the group is or was just like you. It took me a while to get the courage up to join a group but I wish I'd have done it sooner. Have courage.

17. Every time you have courage, it builds your confidence for the future. It goes in the bank. You can draw from it forever.

18. Log your workouts on Facebook and/or Daily Mile ( which will publish your workouts to Twitter. There is a huge online community of exercisers out there and when I read what they're doing, I always want to do more!

19. Find workout bloggers like me, here, or at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! Blog about your workouts, your frustrations, setbacks and milestones! Blog blog blog away! Safety in numbers!!!!

20. Journal. Whether you blog or not, always journal your workouts and food. Keeping a food journal keeps you accountable and keeping a workout journal helps you figure out how much further you can push yourself, what worked and what didn't!

Have a great Wednesday! And Happy Anniversary to my parents! Who have been married for an infinity!

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