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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things I'd Rather Do Than Put Laundry Away

As I trapsed happily past my bed on the way to the bathroom the other day to change out of my stinky post-10 mile run attire, I paused for a moment to take a fleeting glance at the mound of clean laundry piled upon my bed. Darned buzzkill.

And it brought to mind the millions of other more difficult and unappealing tasks that I would so much rather do than tackle this particular mundane task bane of my existence.

I've mentioned a time or two my intense loathing for putting laundry away, haven't I? No? Well last year, I got these gorgeous ruby red front loaders and I love filling them up.
LOVE to fill them up.

There is a little song that plays when I press the power button that chimes again when the load is coming to a full and complete stop. It's charming and magnificent. It makes laundry almost wonderful! I feel like Snow White with the birds coming in through the windows and the deer helping me wash the floors.

It's the aftermath I can't stand. 

So as I stood there staring into the huge heap, I thought about quite a few things I'd rather do than dive right into it and these immediately came to mind. I didn't even really have to think about it.

1. Tackle the nuclear crisis in Iran.
2. Assist in the issue of global warming, or lack thereof, whichever it really is and who really knows.
3. Watch paint dry.
4. Watch a documentary on Math.
5. Remodel my bathroom.
6. Mop the floor. Any floor. Anywhere.
7. Engage in the unsuccessful attempts at getting my children to sit down at the table for any meal.
8. Clean out my car and wash the 17 water bottles and old sippy cups extracted from it.
9. Google and research the "Matriculation of" anything.
10. Spend an afternoon organizing stamps.
11. Learn Morse Code.

I got to about 11 but you really get the point, right? And yes, I understand the irony of the fact that I took the time to write this post while the laundry sat there on the bed and it could be gone right now had I just done it and not written this post.

But that's not the point.
So what are your "favorites" on the to-do list aka what's sitting there waiting for you as you read this post?

* * *
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Jessi said...

I'm kinda ashamed to admit that I have three fairly large laundry baskets FULL of clean laundry, just waiting to be put away. Reading about your laundry waiting for you on your bed reminded me of when I was single...when I would just sleep *around* the clean clothes. :-) I also have 2 smaller laundry baskets full of random things that I took off my countertops (so they would look clean) that need to find a "home". Oh and then there is mopping the all tile floor--that's a HUGE favorite of mine these days, especially with a new crawler.

Deb said...

I hate wrinkled laundry so bad and now the kids have taken over my downstairs room (TV) I can't get to the ironing board. I will re-wash clothes that sit in a pile and get wrinkled. My trick is take the straight out of the dryer and onto hangers or fold them right then and there into a basket. If I pile the basket up and drop it some where then I know that I'll put it off and end up re-washing the whole pile.

Clairanne said...

If we still lived across the street from each other like we should then I'd fold all your laundry if you'd mop all my floors. I was all proud of myself yesterday for my clean floors. It lasted for all of a couple hours until the kids had tacos for dinner and there were mounds of lettuce and cheese everywhere. The way I see it putting laundry away is one of the only things the kids can't destroy the minute you're done....clairanne

The Doll said...

I don’t mind doing laundry but I hate doing the dishes and I hate cleaning the stove after someone else made the mess. My BIL is living with us right now and I can't keep dishes out of my sink or my stove top clean and it drives me absolutely insane.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I completely understand, my laundry stays piled on my bed. Oh my. I need to get on that.

Jessica said...

I let the laundry pile up, and will spend one day folding and putting away (and having the kids put away) 18 loads at once. The Dishes are my nemesis. Damn dishes.... [and I personally take offense to your #4!! ;) ]

Christie O. said...

LOL Jessica, my husband (another math geek) said the same thing!

Audrey said...

I am relatively caught up on laundry. Don't hate. BUT it's only because I hauled ass to do it all before vacation and promptly washed the vacation clothes when I got home. That being said, I still have one basket on my dining room table waiting to be put away. It's been there for over 24 hours. I didn't even move it when we had dinner.

Audrey said...

PS: Your washer and dryer are GORGEOUS. I am having total laundry room envy right now.

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