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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Winnie the Pooh: Finding My Inner Piglet


Happy Fourth of July weekend everybody! I hope you're enjoying time off with the family!

Here's a short story and video of me finding my inner Piglet.

I didn't know I had an inner Piglet. But alas, I do.

In fact, Piglet is a lot how I feel on the inside sometimes. Timid, a little shakey, but at the same time often confident about something being right even though it is completely wrong.

On the outside I can come off as Tigger-y and sometimes even Eeyore-y (fun fact: did you know that Eeyore's biggest fans are women -- not kids? interesting fact we learned from the consumer products division.)

Anyhoo, us bloggers got a chance to visit the behind the scenes at Disney Animation Studios and voice a segment of the upcoming movie Winnie the Pooh! I didn't realize they videotaped the entire thing, like me getting ready to voice it and doing the Karate Kid stance, but they did! Here you go, here is me, as Piglet:
Disney's Winnie the Pooh comes out July 15th and I'll be reviewing it over at 5 Minutes for Mom the week before (and I can't wait. It's the most adorable thing ever.)

Happy 4th everyone!

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