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Friday, July 01, 2011

Thank You For Calling, This is Paula.

I love that Discover Card commercial where the man calls his credit card company and gets a man named "Peggy" on the phone.

The other night I think I got Peggy. Only it wasn't "Peggy" it was "Paula" and for some reason all I could picture a scruffy man wearing a wife-beater named "Paula" on the other end.

So we're changing my son's "car" room into an "ocean" room and I found the cutest bedding *EVER* online. Of course because I love it, I could only find the pillow in the collection and couldn't find the comforter and I scoured and scoured.


So I saw the "Live Chat" option online, and got all excited because maybe the Live Chatter could find it for me. Hooray for the Live Chat option!

I waited the 37 seconds or so that it told me to wait for my "Live Chat" person from the company called "LivePerson" because coincidentally the service provided for the live chat is called "LiveChat" by "Live Person" and I'm really glad that they've made it abundantly clear and reiterated that it's a "live person."

It must really be a live person then. I'm pretty convinced.

Sidenote: I always feel a little odd waiting for the Live Chat person, as if I'm waiting for a different kind of Live Chat service or something. Which of course I'm not and I've never done that so I don't know if that's really what it's like but it is still weird. I bet they get people blurring that chat live option all the time. Ew.

So anyway, "Paula" comes on and the conversation goes like this.

Paula: Hi, my name is Paula, and it's my pleasure to assist you today as your Personal Shopper. May I have your name please?

Christie: Hi! I'm Christie

Paula: Hi good evening Christie, thank you for contacting, how are you doing today?

Christie: I'm good! I was wondering, I see that you have the pillow for the Colormate Kids Fish Comforter Collection on clearance, I was wondering if you had the comforter anywhere for purchase

Paula: I will be glad to assist you with the pillow for the Colormate Kids Fish Comforter Collection on clearance.

Christie: Actually I am wondering if the comforter is available in the collection

Paula: I will be happy to check that for you, are you looking for any particular item online to check more information about product?

Christie: I can't seem to find the comforter and I'm wondering if it's available.

Paula: I will be happy to check on that for you. Please allow me 2 - 3 minutes to find the information.

Paula: While waiting I request you to please click on the below link to check out best Deal of the Day.

Christie: Thank you

Paula: Please click here

Paula: Thank you for staying online.

Paula: Please click on this link

Christie: Is that a link for the bedding?

Paula: I have sent the whole set of Colormate Kids Truckin Comforter Collection.


Oh nevermind.

To "Paula's" credit, she did eventually say they were out of my fishy bedding I was looking for and I just aborted the conversation because I can't imagine the answer I'd have gotten if I asked when or if it was returning.

And I don't know, but despite the "Live Chat" by LivePerson thing, I am not only not convinced she was a she in the first place but I'm actually not entirely convinced she was "live" either, by the way she repeated what I wrote back to me. Perhaps she was a fembot (or robot for that matter-- and come to think of it, what's the male version of fembot? It's not man bot, is it? That seems too obvious. Just plain robot? No, no, it apparently is a manbot! So now you know. I'm glad I looked that up too, that would have bugged me all day.)

I don't actually know how advanced these bots are anyway so it could have been a she-Paula after all, who knows. But the whole thing was just weird.
And also I'm a little bummed about the bedding (so if you see some dark blue fishy bedding, send me a link).

So what are your awesome customer service stories?? Do you have a Peggy or Paula story?

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