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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Summer Before

It's summer.

So far, we've done a lot of swimming through swim lessons and at my parents' pool. We've done some Disney and Children's Museum on the weekends and we've done one week of camp but only because that was the week I was going to LA.

And also, like every summer, we passed around a stomach thing for a little over a week. It's kind of our thing.

I always have big dreams for the summer that seem to fizzle by the end of June. Our roadtrips, our "activities," and play dates, group outings to the spray parks, home organization, bathroom renovations, lots and lots of beach since we live 10 minutes away, etc etc etc.

I don't know what happens but every year the summer gets away and leaves me in the dust wondering what we actually did all summer and why did it not seem like enough?

Well I guess I did organize my laundry room.

But now it's the summer before my son goes to Kindergarten. The very last summer before he's in school for like, ever.

I feel like I should have had something epic planned (I promised I'd never use the word "epic" in a post by the way.) But I didn't. In a little over a week, we'll be headed out for our yearly one-week beach vacation which is far away enough to be considered "away" but still sort of close to home. It'll be a week of relaxation at a beach that's quite beautiful and somewhat unpopulated but like every year that week will just fly by too. However, there will be fudge.

And then soon after it flies by I'll be dropping him off at Kindergarten.

I am desperately trying to cling to this summer (can you tell?).

I didn't set out to write about Kindergarten but darnit now I am sitting here crying thinking about Kindergarten.

Perhaps I'll go get some coffee now.

But I wonder, what did you do the summer before Kindergarten? And if you're not there yet, is there anything special you would do? 

We still have some time left.

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