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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fit Stella is Here!

I  don't know if you've heard of a little project going on over at Mizfit's place, but we are hosting a guest at our house and her name is Fit Stella!
Fit Stella is a lot like Flat Stanley (if you've ever heard of him) only she's a "she" and she works out more. She also loves healthy snacks.
Stella loves nectarines.
And I don't know about Flat Stanley's eating habits but Fit Stella gives us the stink eye when we talk about fast food around here. Well not really, she's always smiling, but we all know that we won't get fit eating fast food, right? And she reminds us of that which is good.
Breakfast with Fit Stella
She also loves Eggbeaters.
As soon as Fit Stella arrived, by the way, the show began.

Move over, Statue of Liberty, my 5 year old is now crushin' on Fit Stella! He's already given her his baseball card.
love with #fitstella
He struts by her all macho-like and he talks about her (and to her) like she's a real "she." I've already warned him that Fit Stella likes to travel and will be going pretty soon to someone else's house but I don't think he's actually prepared for that. He's already too attached. (I have now seen it all.)

They wonder about how Fit Stella was made and I explained she was colored in by another 5 year old nicknamed "Tornado," and that was really special. It's one thing to be told about healthy eating from mom, but from your peers and from a little plastic girl named Stella, it's a whole 'nother story.

After our healthy breakfast yesterday, Fit Stella had a swim lesson. She loves the water.
Swimming with #fitstella

 more swimming with #fitstella
Today she's going to the beach.

She sort of gave them the stink eye when the kids had Fruit Loops for breakfast so She helped us prepare a better lunch.
(Thanks Fit Stella!)

I will post more pictures of our adventures with Stella before she begins her globetrotting. The only thing is, I don't know who to send her to next!

How do I even decide?

(If you're interested in being the next participant, leave me a comment mkay?) And if you want to read more about the Fit Stella (and Fit Stanley) project, head on over to Miz's place!

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