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Friday, June 24, 2011

Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation (Showing With Cars 2)


If you're going to see CARS 2 today (because it opens today!) or if you're going tomorrow or this weekend or next weekend, you will also get to see a fabulous Toy Story short which is ha-sterical.

Buzz, Woody and the whole Toy Story gang are all at  their new home (Bonnie's house) and she's getting ready to go on vacation. Barbie and Ken hitch a ride in the backpack they think she's taking with her on the trip to Hawaii, (I mean, Ken packed all his fabulous fashions and everything!) but unfortunately for them, Bonnie's bedroom is where the trip ends.  

It's a fantastic little story that keeps us up with what the Toy Story gang is doing, I mean, life is going on for them as we speak, right? It's not? Don't tell me that. OK, I know, it's not real, but I love these shorts because it makes me feel like somewhere out there, all of Andy's toys are playing and having adventures right now, as we speak and even if there is no Toy Story 4 (will there be?) we still get to keep in touch with them.

It's like a status update. Like if they were on Facebook.

So make sure you're not late for Cars 2 when you go, because Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation is showing with it and you can't miss it!

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And you can read my official Cars 2 Review here (there is a giveaway involved!)

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