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Thursday, June 02, 2011

She Sought Out to Lose 7 Pounds. She Is About to be "Ironman."

Triathlon has a way of sneaking up on people.

At first you don't even entertain the thought of doing one. It's not for me. It's for athletes. I could never do that.

Until one day.

You think it is perhaps, possible.

(Even though secretly you don't really think it is.)

(But then you think, "Well what if it is?")

This year, I was privileged enough to witness triathlon sneak up on a dear friend of mine in the Tri-Warriors. Watching her go further and further and faster and faster has been an amazing ride for us spectators and well, I'll let her tell the rest of the story. A guest-post by Eve, fellow Tri-Warrior ,in which she discloses all her secrets to success on the road to Ironmom. (Ps. Yes. You can do it.)
Team Barrett!
Approximately two years ago, the action plan was set in motion to get off the couch and lose 5 to 7 vanity pounds. A few short jogs later, a friend asked me to run a local 5k with her. Why not. I remember Celia Dubey was the race director/announcer at my first race. Her motivating words fueled me to a strong finish, as well as inspired me to train harder to become faster. And so it began... 22 pounds later and my training plans and race goals are all over the map, quite literally.

Next stop, a marathon. Within six months, my best friend of 20 years dared me to take the next challenge, to complete a full marathon. She had completed several marathons in several states during the course of her running career and just knew I'd enjoy the thrill of victory. Indeed, she was correct. My first marathon was truly spectacular, Berlin, Germany. The family enjoyed the European vacation, as well. I completed three marathons in three months that year, qualifying for Boston on the second. Mission complete; I was officially addicted to endurance running.

During this same time period, another friend introduced me to a very different challenge, the world of multiple-sport, triathlon. February of 2010 marked my first mini-triathlon, Y-Tri, then my first sprint in April, Escape From Ft. DeSoto, followed by my first half iron, MiamiMan, in November. The bug was so strong, the full iron distance called my name. Training for marathons and triathlons was now simultaneous.

Many people ask me, what's your secret? How do you find time to train while running a business and raising a young family? Here's the short, easy answer: Jim. Although it's true a great swim master's coach can improve your swim, a properly-fitted road or Tri bike can increase your rpm's, and the right pair of sneakers can prevent blisters and go the distance, there's absolutely no better piece of Tri-gear than 150% support from your spouse when you're a triathlete in training.

Jim is a one-of-kind, irreplaceable support system. Once a goal is set, he tediously researches, selects, assembles and maintains all tri equipment in the Team Barrett arsenal. As long as we are willing to train, Jim will always make sure our equipment is 100% on race day. Not only does Jim manage the gear, he also handles the logistics, which includes race-entry confirmations, packet pickups, packing the van the night before, getting us all up the morning of the races, double-checking our inventory before we roll out, coordinating the hotels and restaurants at the various race event venues, taking photographs as we race, and cheering us to a strong finish. He does this selflessly, with not a single complaint...just extreme pride for his family.

When the decision was announced, and accepted by the family, for Mom to compete in an Ironman-distance race, it was Jim who diligently worked to find just the right books, magazines and Web sites to inspire and motivate me to a strong finish. His management roll in the business has doubled due to my temporary hiatus while in training.

He's constantly immersed in scheduling my work and training hours so there's no conflict. The first 10 weeks of training was fairly straightforward, but the last 20 weeks have proved to be somewhat of an obstacle course. The day before my next-scheduled training session, he's busy juggling my routes, trying to locate training partners, and performing preventative maintenance on my gear.

Needless to say, he's accomplished it all with incredible finesse. He's meticulously planned every detail of the upcoming 10-day France trip and left no stone unturned.

The kids have also stepped up to the task by picking up the slack around the house by expeditiously completing more chores with no extra whining. They listen more attentively, watch more closely, and as a result, have grown into wonderful young people, fantastic students AND competitive triathletes this year.

Although the early mornings sometimes wear on them, once we're in the van, they ask for the Team Barrett power song, FloRida, "This Club Can't Handle Me", to be cranked. It's adorable.

Triathlon and racing is our family passion at this point in our life. It takes a high-level of commitment from each and every individual on the team. We all work together, cheer each other on, and in the end, we share memories that are priceless and forever.

We incorporate traveling into our plans whenever possible because that's such a bonus. My best memory thus far, Space Coast Marathon 2010, my BQ. As I approached the 26-mile marker, Kylar and Kynsey anxiously awaited my arrival and each grabbed a hand to run in with me that last .20 miles...the hardest part of the race, if you ask me.

Jim was ready with camera for the Kodak moment. Sensational! Our family bond is stronger than I could ever imagine, and this is what the sport has done for Team Barrett. put together the fun family shirt we sport at each other's events. It sums our family up, united. We truly understand the slogan, the family that "tri's" together, stays together.

Eve is racing Ironman France later this month. She is READY!!! GOOD LUCK EVE!!! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! Wear your cape proudly girl!

By the way. I told you it's never really about the weight-loss.

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