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Friday, June 03, 2011

At Last, It's Almost Here and I'm going!!


I told you I am a big animated film dork fanatic and for years now I've waited for Cars 2 to come out. YEARS! Well ever since after Cars 1, which was my 5 year old's first animated movie a couple years ago. But it's always been one of my favorites, no shooting, no violence, lessons about friendships and doing the right thing, it really is such a wonderful movie and I love it.

Sooooo.. now that it's here, it is almost time, I just found out I'm going to the LA premiere of Cars 2 for 5 Minutes for Mom! Red carpet, premiere party, interviews with Owen Wilson and everything! (Lightning McQueen! I'm going to talk to Lightning McQueen! I want to shout it from the top of a-someplace a-very high!)

The coolest part is that we're not just seeing Cars 2, we're seeing Winnie the Pooh, and The Help, which I'm told I should read the book of and soon! (Did you read it?)  And we're touring the animation studios. This is going to be an awesome.trip. AWESOME! (Thank you Disney!)

I have a lot of cool trailers and whatnots I'll share up until the premiere and I'll be tweeting all about it and sending back posts during the trip as well, which is in 2 weeks. So follow me on twitter @christieo and also follow the hashtag #disneydreamworksevent for updates from the 19 awesome bloggers who are going with me! I also plan to videotape everything I can and without the shakiness of my Rio videos. (I'm practicing RIGHTNOW. Hold camera closer to me, steady... steady....)

So when I first heard about Cars 2, I had read somewhere that Lightning McQueen was going back to Radiator Springs to run a racetrack and train other race cars. Obviously (from the following clip) that is not the case and I don't even know where I heard it now, I even tried looking it up to no avail! But now the cars are off to an international speedway in Tokyo and there are spy cars involved, a bidet, and well, things get pretty interesting. Here's the Cars 2 trailer if you wanna check it out (I have not seen this one myself on tv yet!)

Stay tuned for more!

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