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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tips on How To Work From Home

This looks like a post about tips on how to work from home but after a week full of frazzledness, uncooked meals and a pile of laundry waving its white flag at me from my office, I am not offering up tips on how to work from home. Instead, I am asking you, no, begging you for tips on how to work from home. And I don't mean how to get a job working from home, but how to manage working from home.

Because right now, it's beyond me.
You see, I found myself a new gig. One that is paying, one that is fun, and one that I am really going to like.

And best of all, it's from home.

I mean, it's a sweet gig. I'll tell you more about it later when things launch because I am working on a launch and these kinds of things are always so very scary exciting!

But years ago, I gave up working a pretty great job as a producer at our news station here to stay at home with my then-newborn who is now 5. I didn't want to miss anything and my husband's job was good enough for us to not go crazy but enough for me to stay home.

Over the years, I've done some working from home, some writing, some copyediting, but mostly it involved contributing to websites, blogs and obsessively writing my own blog because the words are always in my head.

The other day when I was doing "actual" work for whence I will get "actual" money, my son came over to me and asked me if I could engage him in a light saber battle.

And so I took a few minutes, we light-saber battled until he got bored with me and then I returned to my work as they played.

It made me think, ya know, I write all the time. I might as well get paid for it. And in the end, if I can do it and not miss anything like a spur of the moment light saber battle, then that is my personal heaven.

I just hope it works out this way. If it doesn't, you know a blog post will be brewing.

Yes so far, it is my cake and I'm eating it too.

What I am not eating, however, is the healthy homecooked meals I'm known to make, my floors are a mess, the house is in shambles and the laundry is sending me SOS signals from my office.

Things are dire around here. For realz.

(Yes I see the irony of writing a post about a messy house when I could be cleaning it.)

But I am calling to you, mothers of the world, what are your personal saving graces for working from home? For working at all? And getting anything in the world done?

I am sure that it must involve something like a schedule, so please, feel free to share yours!

This is a transition I am not used to yet and I am constantly overwhelmed.

So please, feel free to share all of your advice!

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