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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Hiccup & Other News

Blogger has had a hiccup and my post from yesterday is gone along with the post for today (gah!) If they magically come back you'll see a better post than this one.

If they don't come back, well, I'll figure that out later.

Because I'm going to the Candlebox concert tonight! And I won't have time to blog because I'll be standing in the FRONT ROW! My husband of course will grudgingly be with me in the front row but if I can stand in the front row 8 months pregnant at a Candlebox concert, I sure as heck can unpregnant!


Yes, I love Candlebox. I'm pretty sure I lost a Twitter follower after announcing that, too.

In other news, my blog is red for Red Friday! Thanks to those of you who wear red to support the troops and my brother in law who's fighting in Afghanistan right now. If you wear red, send me a twit pic on twitter! (@christieo)

His update: He's doing well, he's been promoted! And he just started receiving packages so we'll be sending over supplies soon. All very very good news. Also, somehow without even real running water, somehow he managed to send my sister flowers last week. *tear* Now that's sweetness.

Have a wonderful weekend! Possible Candlebox photo from the concert later on. Hopefully he will not be wearing white pants and white shoes like last year.

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