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Sunday, May 29, 2011

PreSchool Graduation. Sort of.

Preschool is done.

I know, I know, I mentioned this already. But it's a really big deal!

And we were in a little quandary on the last day of school. Somewhere along the way he got it in his head that he was having a graduation ceremony. But we're at a Montessori school and they don't graduate preschoolers, they graduate the kindergartners because his class is pre-k-through-kindergarten and the kindergartners are the ones who move up.

So he was sort of bummed about not having a graduation ceremony. We are moving to a traditional kindergarten next year (aka public) so this is the end of the line for Montessori preschool for him, so we decided to have our own graduation at home! Cap and gown and Pomp and Circumstance and paparrazi and diploma and everything! (Thank goodness for the dollar store and the party store for making this all possible! They make really cute kid-sized gowns! Hurrah!)

I'm a total dork. I know. Yes I videotaped the whole thing.

But he played the part well! He even did the "slow walk" and got the handshake!

And he felt really special about his "hat."

So special that he wore it out to Preschool Graduation ice cream which was really cute.
Preschool graduation ice cream
So I guess that's one graduation down. Two more to go (hopefully) for him and not for quite a while.

And thank goodness. That gives me some time to prepare.

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