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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Minute Teacher Gifts

I can't let the last week of school go by without sharing one of the cutest teacher ideas I've ever seen in my life! My best friend (who claims she's not creative) always comes up with the most creative ideas (and I always steal them with her permission and then put them on my blog which I am doing right now.)

I give you, the pencil vase.
This is the easiest thing in the world to make. You only need a couple things and it takes all of two seconds to put together.
1 generic Crystal Light drink container. The Crystal Light one isn't round anymore, it's oval, but the Target brand is round so you can use that one.
1 box of pencils (between 12-16) from the dollar store.
3 fat rubber bands

It's almost going to sound silly explaining how to do this since I am sure you can assume by looking at the picture, you remove the pencils from the box, put one of the rubber bands around the bottle and put the pencils through the rubber band. Then add the two other rubber bands and move the pencils so they're straight up and down. Add water and flowers and voila! Isn't it cute?

My kids have two teachers each, so I made 4 of these.

My other favorite place in the world to get teacher gifts is also the same place I love getting any personalized gifts, and that's Personalization Mall or I can usually find a promo code online or in my email box (I signed up for their coupons) for 15-20% off or Free Shipping, they ship really fast and everything is beautiful.

I've bought blankets, Christening gifts, travel mugs, beach bags, photos on canvas, personalized letters from Santa or the Easter Bunny, you name it from them.

Twice, I had an issue when my product showed up at my house: the first one there was one tiny unfilled pixel in the canvas (on my mom's face) and the other was a misspelling, but in both cases, they sent me replacements immediately and without question. Their customer service is AMAZING!

The only thing I don't really like (if we're being honest which we are) is that their shipping is based on the price of the entire order, not on weight, and when you buy something that weighs very little that annoys me. But usually I can find a Free Shipping coupon so then it doesn't bother me anymore.

It's a great place to find teacher and Father's Day gifts (which is coming up soon!)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, these are just my own opinions, that's all!

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