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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hilarious and Fun Mother's Day Gift Idea: Flower Pot Heads

There are only a few days before Mother's Day and if you're looking for something adorable I've got something for you! This is also great for a Mother-in-Law, grandparent, sister, aunt, etc! Any woman who loves babies and flowers, really! Or funny picture heads, ya know.

First, you need a fantastic picture of one of the kids. Or you. Whichever. It should be filled with genuine hilarity, if possible. However I suppose a calm serene look could be equally as funny. Perhaps any head will do. But I love this particular look of hilarity myself.

Try playing peekaboo or snapping a picture during a ticklefest or something, something that you know makes the kids/baby/yourself laugh real hard to the point of almost peeing.

These pictures were taken when the kids were hiding behind the slidey bathroom door before bath time, I would throw the door open and scare them and they thought this was the funniest thing ever.
I zoomed in on the picture in my Photoshop editor (any old picture editor will do), printed the picture and cut out only their laughing heads.

Then, you need the following for the craft part of it:
  • scissors
  • tape or doublesided tape or glue tape or glue or glue gun, really, anything fastening, ok maybe not velcro or tacks though
  • construction paper or paper already shaped in flowers (the above ones I got some in the scrapbook section of Michaels, already made, but you can cut out your own flowers out of construction paper if you want)
  • popsicle sticks
  • stickers (optional)
  • teeny tiny terra cotta pots (Michaels)
  • terra cotta writing pen (same section of Michaels as terra cotta pots)
  • floral foam (same section of Michaels as terra cotta pots)
  • moss (same section of Michaels as terra cotta pots)
  • mossandpopsticks
First, find great pictures, print them out and cut out the faces/heads only.

Then, cut out flower shapes from construction paper or use the already-made flowers like above and fasten the babyheads to the middle by using double-sided tape (glue or regular tape will do too, I like that glue runner thing for scrapbooking).

Fasten the flowers to the popsicle sticks using glue or tape.

Cut out a small amount of flower foam to fit the terra cotta pot you got and stick it in the pot.

Stick the popsicle stick in the foam and cover the foam up with moss. Voila!
Mother's Day flowerpots
You can decorate the pot with the terra cotta writing pen with the name of your mom, grandma, aunt, whomever, bedazzle it with stickers or sticker jewels from the scrapbooking section of Michaels, whatever you want!
Mother's Day Flower Pots more

It makes a unique, cute gift and it can go anywhere. Your loved one will always have these flower faces smiling at them!

Happy Mother's Day moms, grandmas, and everyone with children in their lives!

Do you have a quick and easy Mother's Day craft? If you post it, link up below!

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