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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight In Work Out Wednesday

Spring In2 ActionWell, we've come to the end of another weight-loss challenge over at Shrinking Jeans! Overall, I am happy with the results.

I am down last week's pound that I gained for an overall loss of 4 pounds for the challenge. It is 6, though, since the holidays and that is fantastic! I was headed down a really slippery slope for a while.

This challenge was really great, it was awesome having Beki as my teammate for Sass & Fury!! It was also really great getting back on the wagon and counting calories on My Fitness Pal (I LOVE the app for it, by the way!) I still am counting calories, but had to hit pause for my trip to LA because it just wasn't possible to count. It was barely even possible to eat, we were so busy, but I did the best I could. Also, I did squeeze in every bit of exercise that I could though beforehand; we used date night to ride our long ride, 30 miles, I did my long run (8 miles) on the treadmill and I saved my sprints for the hotel treadmill the morning of the premiere.

Getting the hang of "balance" is really a key to the whole thing. Too restrictive and you piss everyone (even yourself) off; too loose and calorie counting does you no good anyway. Not thinking you're a bad person for missing a day or for going over is also a really big deal. In the end, I am still being healthy and reaching weight-loss goals and that's what it's about, right?


I'm excited! I'm nervous! I have a purple cap! Hooray!

This is going to be really great; I have really reached a happy place in open water swims and our mock triathlons have been so confidence-building; my riding has gotten faster and I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Escape from Ft. DeSoto HERE WE COME!!!

I just released our triathlon group's newsletter, so if you want, check it out! There are great tips in there for getting out on your bike and safety precautions, there are funny quips about race day superstitions and lotsa other goodies, so go check it out!  (Yes, written by me!)

I hope you did well this challenge!!!

Ps. Don't mind the weird image at the top, I guess Photobucket is working on something and yes it's annoying the crap out of me but it's supposed to be fixed today. 

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