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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I don't know when it happened but you got all growed up on me. Well I guess I know when, since it's today.

I guess I just don't know how.

You, my baby, are five.


And you're tall, too. You're catching up to me (which is not that hard since I'm five foot and one-quarter inch.)

You're beautiful, you're intense and you're passionate. I love that so much.

Watching you grow from a baby into a boy has been the most amazing beyond words experience I've ever had.

I've watched you learn so many lessons for yourself, from kindness and gentleness to charity and gratefulness. I've watched you learn your letters, begin to read, soak up book after book after book on space, the human body, the country.

You worry so much about everything and everyone and of course that worries me so I guess I know where you got that from.

You tell me I have a pretty voice and you tell me you love me and I melt.

You're wise beyond your years, little Aidan, and you have the world in the palm of your hand.

Right now you're learning the lesson of how to "not give up" on things and it's a hard lesson to watch you learn but it's one that you'll learn over and over again throughout your life. I know this because I'm still trying to learn it myself.

I watched you conquer it though in your little ways and you're getting a good start. (The force is strong within you.)

I don't think I want you to grow up anymore though, ok?

Just hang onto your lightsaber and let's just stay here for a while and snuggle.

Even if it's just for today. Or perhaps until Kindergarten starts this fall. Or maybe until it's time for you to go off to college. Or get married. Oh, be still my heart, time goes so fast.

Happy birthday, little man. I love you.

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