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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Trash, Butt or Laundry Don't Know the Difference

Toiletman looks entirely too happy in this scenario.
Can I just say that there are several purchases I've had to make within the past couple weeks that are particularly painful?


For instance, WHY is a trash can more than $40 and if you're really crazy, upwards of $150? I can't fathom paying $150 for a trash can. It had better be made of gold and even then why would I want a golden trash container?

I'm not really crazy. Fine, I'm crazy enough to get the foot-pedal kind that's $40 because germs skeeve me out and I'd rather push it open with my foot but not I'm not $150 crazy. $150 for something you are throwing your trash in?


And then over the weekend, I asked in a much deeper post not about toilet seats, what is the difference between a $10 toilet seat and the $30,$40, or $50 toilet seats? Is it the name that's branded on it? Are there particular models I am not aware of? Because I touched them all, they felt the same.

They didn't look any different either besides being white or off white or round or oval and my choice was the white round version but there were many price variations for this. The burning question (maybe burning is the wrong word...) is, WILL MY BUTT REALLY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE?


My bum will have no idea.

Will my bum be disappointed that I didn't splurge in this area? If my bum has an opinion on the matter, I have other problems.


I am still annoyed that there is an expensive toilet seat out there that looks no different than the non-expensive one. (For the record I bought the $10 one.) If you have the inside track on superior toilet seats, do feel free to share. I know about the cushiony ones, but I don't like the "whoooooosh" sound it makes when you sit on it. I don't know if the cushion makes it more expensive either but right now I am aware that I am spending too much time writing about toilet seats.

And then, there are laundry baskets. Yes, I have the plasticky ones to carry my clothes, but I need a nice hamper.

So is it too much to ask to have a cheap wicker laundry hamper for my closet? All I want is a tall wicker laundry basket and I can't find these for under $40 either!

So in theory I could spend dozens (if I'm lucky) or HUNDREDS (if I'm not) of dollars for (granted) very useful every day items (I get that) but still, items that are for my trash-butt-or dirty laundry. And I think I just can't get over that last part!

I guess maybe if I didn't need all of these things at the same exact time, I'd be ok with spending $40 bucks on just one of them. It would be more like 3 easy installments.

But it's not. It's highway robbery. And it irritates me.

So where do you hate spending money? (I put 40 bucks in the tank the other day and it barely got me past half-full! Whaaaa???)

That's all for me!

Carry on.

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