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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh In Work Out Wednesday: Calorie Counting Experiment #546

In last week's post at Shrinking Jeans, I outed my inner conflict with "calorie counting in public."

Because believe it or not, it's a thing. Calorie counting in public is not the popular thing to do. In fact, it sort of annoys people.

Half because they think, "GAWD, give it a break already!" And half because when you're counting everything, people (my mom) think you've gone crazy and you're headed to the nearest eating disorder or starvation.

I assure you I am none of those things, nor am I in denial of such things, nor am I in denial that I'm in denial about such things (and so on and so forth.)

It's just that I'm a little over-educated in calorie counting now and uber-aware of what I'm eating while I try to lose the last 10. Like, um, 4 ounces of steak is NOT what I had pictured. Nor did I have any idea that just one cup of pasta takes up like NO space on my plate compared to what I used to pile on there.

I can see when it annoys waiters and waitresses when I ask for nutritional information. It annoys managers of restaurants when I call ahead and ask for nutritional information. It annoys people when they know I've looked up the nutritional information online before I went to a restaurant and it annoys people when I'm at someone's house and I refrain from certain foods or when I measure food in front of people who are at my house. It annoys people on special occasions/holiday/eating celebrations. I don't really blame them.

So, this past week, I was in a few situations that I thought might require easing up a bit and finding balance between totally neurotic and just sort of neurotic. Because I don't really like being the crazyperson, it's just that when I do things only partially, I know I'm not necessarily doing it "right," and I like to do things all the way.
Spring In2 Action
Anyways. The result? No loss this week. None. Not even a pound.

Gah. Sorry Team Sass & Fury!! (My dear love Beki!) We were on the top ten weight-loss team last week too!! Number 6!!

So, that didn't work.

The experiment as follows:

Thursday McDonalds:
What "neurotic me" would have done: Order nothing, eat at home.
What "laid back me" did: Ordered two cheeseburger meal, shared it with 3 year old, got coke. Followed by swimming a mile.

Friday Spring Festival:
What "neurotic me" would have done: carefully scrutinize food so as to try and gather recipe in my head for calorie counting, taking tiny portions or have eaten before hand and not tried anything (BORING!)
What "laid back me" did: tried it all!Tried to estimate calories but eventually stopped and called the day a wash. OH WELL!

Saturday Celebration Station:
What "neurotic me" would have done: drank the protein shake I brought.
What "laid back me" did: ate two teeny tiny slices of pizza and had some lemonade because I was famished and crossed my fingers that the laser tag would work it off! Also, ran 6 miles afterward. IN 59 MINUTES!

Sunday Cheesecake Factory:
What "neurotic me" would have done: suggest somewhere else. Or eat at home and get only coffee.
What "laid back me" did: ordered the 840 cal steak and eggs because it was the fewest calorie-d brunch item (yes, I looked it up beforehand) but also it was a kickass protein meal for after my swim bike and run from the morning! I didnt' finish the whole plate of food either.

Sidenote: Spoiler alert! As much as I love Cheesecake Factory, which I do, my inner calorie counter gets pretty angry that most of their items are more than 1,000 calories and there are pastas on there that are more than 2,200 calories. It's almost criminal, I'm sorry. In some other state, they were forced to publish their nutritional data, and someone in that state was kind enough to post it here. Definitely for me, only a treat, like ONCE A YEAR. (end of sidenote.)

And then my husband and I ordered takeout that night and had a nice night in.

So maybe a little LESS of all that perhaps. *snicker* Not to mention the very basic notion that pizza and Mickey D's really isn't the best for fueling a hard workout but that's neither here or there, right? Ha!

Anyway, went too far the other way and in this case, it didn't balance out like my few indescretions of the previous week did. The good part is, I could do that if I wanted to maintain. But I don't want to maintain right now, I am focused on losing this last little bit.

In non-scale victory news however, my swimming is really coming along and so is my running! Speedwork in both of these REALLY REALLY helps and helps build confidence too.

(Repeat after me: THERE IS NO SPOON!)

I'll just have to be a little more mindful of the food this coming week and I can't apologize for the calorie counting. I'll try not to be so flashy about it, but it's what's gotta get done and that's the end of it.

I know. It's an intricately detailed report of my week and very likely TMI but it's easier to write it all out so I can work through it in my mind, so this is what you get! You're welcome!

How did you do???

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