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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Conversation About American Idol


Today I'm bringing back the occasional "Idol Chatter!"

First of all, my husband does this crazy American Idol dance to the intro of the show. It sends me into a hysterical fit of laughter that I'm sure broke my water almost 5 years ago. (I'm not kidding. My water broke a couple hours after he sent me into uncontrollable laughter where I couldn't breathe.)

Anyway, last night he heard something "pop" when he did it some leg-in-the-air move and he had to stop.

Gosh we're getting old.

Also, I feel close to American Idol because I covered the finale when I worked for FOX during the Clay and Ruben year which makes me ancient, doesn't it? So I feel a sort of kinship to it.

Today I must quickly recap my feelings and feel free to share your own .02 on this very important topic.

Country guy: cute baseball player with (confusingly) deep voice. Not the best performance by him but as I mentioned, cute baseball player with deep voice. *swoon*

Girl with dreads: LOVE HER. I don't know why but I was yelling at the tv screen begging the judges to save her. There's something about her awesome voice and her individuality and the fact that she was cleaning toilets at a stadium before she got on the show. She's her own person and she reminds me of Alicia Keys.

James Blunt guy. Or  Maroon Five guy. Or Rod Stewart guy. We have one (or two or three) of those already. When someone asked him if he "watered his suit" because there were so many flowers on it, it threw me on the floor laughing. Also, he actually looks European because of the way he wears his tight pants and dances (actually he reminds me of the British guy roommate in Notting Hill), but the fact that he has no accent always confuses me and throws me off.

Pia. I love her.

Little Joey Tribiani. He's been in my heart this whole time, he can't go. He's too cute. Like he needs to go in my lunchbox cute. I don't really like the high top sneakers though, they remind me that he's closer to my kids' age than mine.

Lauren is cute as a button. She can go in my backpack.

James is the baby that David Cook at Adam Lambert would make.

Thia Magia's name rhymes.

Casey got a haircut? SHUT UP. I like him, he's really talented but not at getting haircuts.

Jacob looked tortured during his song. Like there was actual pain coming out of him.

Haley's got this hot Edie Brickell voice and I still don't know what to make of her but I think I like her, I am not sure.

That's all.

Are you watching?

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