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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christie's Current Events

It's been an odd and interesting news week.

If you didn't know, I'm a news JUNKIE. Which is a good thing since I worked in it for so long.

Now I just get to sit back and read other people's newswritings (which is good and bad) but the news always happens no matter who's writing it.

So, I'll recap for you if you're interested in the current events both useful and not useful (even if you're not.)

The big stuff (of course):
Japan everything. Here are two very very wonderful charities to help mindfully: Socks For Japan and 3,000 Letters to Japan, if you're looking for some. We're going to do Socks for Japan in this house and include letters too.
U.S. airstrikes on Libya
Elizabeth Taylor dies, age 79 (Loved her. So much.)

The informational:
The American Academy of Pediatrics updates car seat guidelines. This one's big for moms and dads of toddlers and young kids! A must read! The big stuff: children should remain in rear-facing position until age 2 and in booster seats until they're at least 8, depending on their size!

The crazy:
Chris Brown and his dyed blonde crazy tantrum I honestly used to love Chris Brown. I am pretty pissed that my secret famousguy crushes are girlfriend beaters. I used to love Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) too until I heard he hit his ex too. Well I'm actually not sure if it's true, but I'm not taking chances!
Barry Bonds "didn't know" it was steriods. Uh huh. I didn't know my margarita had alcohol in it.
Daniel-san on Dancing with the Stars!! Hooray!!! Besides "creepy hand" which I laughed until I cried about, he did great! Ps. Does this man ever age? Pss. HE'S 49?????????
Charlie Sheen isn't returning to Two and a Half Men. Really this time. His tour is, however, coming to Tampa.WINNING! Just kidding.

The personal (IE my own news, neither useful or informative):
Mom sinks to new low by reusing coffee filter in act of coffee filter desperation (I needed coffee! ps. I washed it out first! Oh. That's still gross?)
Mom still not a morning person. Even 5 years into having kids.
Mom gets Tena Serenity pee pads for free (+$10!) through CVSing.
Despite hairsaster, hair finally growing in.
Bondis for Babies! Help me fight prematurity! Message Bondis selling out fast!

My useless but fascinating news pick of the week:

They found a new Ken doll. I didn't know they needed one (I kinda liked the old one with the nondescript crotchal region) but apparently they did.

You can meet him here, he's a football player from Iowa. What do you think? Hot? Not?

That, my friends, is your news in review.

Have a nice day!

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