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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bondis for Babies! Calling all Bondi Bands Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My baby isn't so "baby" anymore.

He's turning 5 next month.

I love that he turns 5 in the same month that we walk every year in the March for Babies. His birthday is always a reminder for me of how precious he is, life is, and babies are. How prematurity can change everything and everyone.

I've written a lot about my son and his prematurity due to my preeclampsia. His early arrival (6 weeks) fueled my passion to support other mommies of premature babies. I'm now a part of a group called Mommies Little Miracles, which does just that.

This year I'm joining the Fight for Babies once again, by supporting the March of Dimes on their mission to fight to get every baby to get their 40 full weeks, to ensure healthy pregnancies for mommies everywhere, and supporting families traumatized by prematurity.

I'm raising money by selling my favorite thing in the world! BONDI BANDS!

Bondi Bands are one of my workout, running staples. They're light headbands that wick sweat away from your face, that actually help me shield the sun from my head in the middle of the day, and they say some of the coolest things in pretty much every color. I wear: SHUT UP AND RUN.


I also wear "You can and you WILL," "Tri," "Om Nom Nom" (with a picture of a shark on it) and "FOCUS."

I have all of those in my collection to sell and many, many more, take a look:
(you can click on the picture to make it larger. The "Triathlete" one says, "Failure is not an Option." Some of my favorites pictured are "Looks like walking, feels like running" and "Pain is inevitable, misery is optional." I have two of each message and I have two different colors of each.

I also have about 50 beautiful bedazzly ones (just some of them are pictured here):
I will keep taking pictures of these and posting them.
I am selling the Bondi Bands for a minimum of a $10 donation (that includes shipping.) I say "minimum" because if you give more, it all goes to the March of Dimes, so feel free to give as little or as much as you want!

All you have to do is email me about which one you want (christieo at and we can arrange the donation through paypal or snail mail, whichever is easiest for you.

Now, if you do not want to purchase a Bondi Band but you still want to donate, you can donate directly to my March of Dimes page!

No amount is too little and I'm headed toward a $1,000 goal, so will you help me get there???
The prematurity campaign is more than a cause to me, it's my passion.

I would give anything in the world to save another mommy and baby from the emotional devastation of prematurity and the physical devastation that prematurity can cause.
My baby made it through ok.

So did I.
But millions and millions of others won't and I have friends to testify to that, I watch their children as toddlers still fighting the effects of prematurity. It breaks my heart and I will forever champion for moms and babies, for as long as I live.

Please help me in the fight against prematurity!!

Bondis for Babies!!!

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