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Monday, February 07, 2011

Well, I was wrong.

Guess I don't have ESP or special powers like I thought I did because the Steelers lost. And I hope you didn't blow a buttload of money on my prediction.

Later (after I found out who won because I fell asleep and missed the end) I thought for a minute that maybe I was wearing a Steelers sweatshirt in my dream because that would mean I was a mayor and forced to wear it! Yeah! That's it! But that doesn't make any sense. Because the Packers won. Duh.

So I think I just had a dream about a Steelers sweatshirt and that was it.

Also I didn't buy one in real life because I'm cheap. And now I'm glad I didn't because they lost.

The end.

Mantra Monday post below.

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april said...

Wait. You fell ASLEEP?

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