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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shuttle Discovery Launch Take Two

If you're reading this right now, it means we are either in funky B.O. minivan headed to Kennedy Space Center to watch the shuttle take off or there already -- finally! That is, if we don't have to turn around if the launch is scrubbed again. We'll be watching the final run of Discovery.

I'm excited to be witnessing this, but I'm sad to see the shuttle launches come to an end.

When I was 10 years old, I moved to Florida and right when we crossed the border, when we were driving down from New York through Starke, Florida, one of the shuttles was lifting off and from where we were driving on the road, there was nothing but a clear road, clear sky and a clear view of the shuttle right in front of us. It was the most amazing sight in the world, there are really no words to describe it.

We'll never forget that welcome to Florida.

A few months later, I saw the devastating Challenger take off from the playground of my elementary school on the west coast.

And then a couple years ago, we saw a launch from my backyard.
We're so far away it only looks like a faint white squiggly streak with a tiny ball attached at the top of it but it's still pretty cool that you can see it.

I've never been *this* close though, like we're supposed to be today, right near the launch pad. We are heavily prepared with snacks and chairs and toys and games for two little boys who will be sitting around waiting for so long because we have to get there so early. I hope that part goes ok.

The Discovery was supposed to take off in November but the launch was scrubbed because of some cracks in the external fuel tank. We got there only to turn around and come home but honestly I was sort of relieved because I had my camera but my husband forgot the battery and I was devastated and crying in the parking lot. Could you imagine being at one of the last shuttle launches ever without your camera?????? (Note to self: check, double check and re-check for battery.)

So then the launch was pushed to December but scrubbed again and then pushed to February and then scheduled for today (HURRAH!) but we're holding our breath because it's been scrubbed so many times and we've moved so many things around waiting for it. Safety first, though. I'm ok with that.

So today if the launch is a go, I send many prayers to the crew of the shuttle Discovery for a safe mission there and back.

I'm excited and blessed to be able to share this historic liftoff with my boys.

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