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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Receipt Report!

Happy Sunday! Time to save some moolah!!

The Plan

OK, this was today's first frustration:
Three papers later, I find the coupons.

OK, so maybe I'm a tad bit obsessed.

I got my one St. Pete Times at the bin thing on the corner, get home ready to clip away and nothing. No coupons. So then the kids are still in their pj's, but I need my coupons, so we head out again, no shoes and all and I get another paper. Nothing. GAH! Finally I get a third paper,  The Tampa Trib, and there are my coupons. Plus, did I mention I still stink because I haven't showered yet from my early morning brick? Also something died in my car, I'm not sure what it is but we can't find the source of it. That's another blog post (you're welcome).

And yes I do realize that I probably offset my coupon savings by chasing around papers with coupons in them but that's neither here nor there.

However,  I had already gone through the sales from Publix and printed all the coupons I can through Southern Savers, and clipped my few coupons that were in the paper and made my list. And I am enjoying that Purex coupon right there because it's on sale at CVS and I will get the laundry detergent for 99 cents.
So, my menu based on the stuff that's on sale this week is this:

Monday: (Won't be home for dinner, will have to do something out.)
Tuesday: Swedish Meatballs with Jennie O turkey meat (sale) and whole wheat wide noodles.
Wednesday: Chicken with saffron and Yellow rice and onions (Purdue on sale)
Thursday: Hopefully seeing the shuttle take off!! Dinner on the road (hopefully healthy!)
Friday: Crockpot Spanish Chicken with leftover yellow rice from Wednesday (I just looked and realized I haven't published that recipe yet! Looks like I have Saturday's recipe post!)
Saturday: Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Bertolli   Barilla Pasta Sauce (Bogo + coupons)

My favorite products in the world that are on sale this week:
-FINISH dishwasher detergent tabs! They're almost always on sale and almost always have coupons and they never ever leave a film on my dishes, I love these!!! On BOGO and 2 coupons, score!!
-Kashi Go Lean cereal! On sale and a coupon.
-Eggbeaters! On sale (no coupon. Wah.)
-I'll be trying the Bertolli Pasta Sauce for the first time since it's on BOGO and I have a Super Target coupon AND a coupon from the paper. But in all honesty, I'm personally a really a big die-hard fan of the 4-Cheese Hunts in a can (I know, it's a can, but it's cheap and delicious and low-fat!) I'll have to scan for a low-calorie Bertolli sauce (no vodka sauce - darn.)
Sidenote: last week there was a $1 off coupon for Athenos Greek Yogurt which was on sale for $1 so I tried it -- it was ok, but it was no Chobani which I have fallen head over heels for.

My list is pretty short this week compared to other weeks because we're starting to be stocked up on things from previous sales (hurrah!)  So, we'll see how it goes!

Off to go shop!

The Result
I'll update with the totals when I get back.

Spent: $99
Saved: $58.35! Hooray!

I made one flub. I got Barilla sauce instead of Bertolli! What was I thinking?!They were right next to each other. Doh! Dummy.

Anyway, almost everything I got was on sale, from my Yoplait to the All-Fruit, even Hunts 4 Cheese Tomato Sauce in a can which I ended up getting. This was a really great week at Publix, hooray!

My best purchase though was the Banquet Frozen Turkey Sausage Patties which were $1 each, so I bought 5 (there are 8 in a package, I heart turkey sausage!)

Any deals you've spotted this week? Please share!


Bug's Mom said...

Just got back from Target. Saved $54, spent $99, but had to buy a few things that decreased my % savings (nursing pads, chubby mom jeans since my maternity pants are falling off and my pre prego pants only come up to my knees.

Did you know target has online coupons?

mathmama said...

Girl, I LOVE couponing and am also slightly obsessed! I follow Southern Savers, and a few others to get the good deals at the stores around here. I usually do CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Kroger. Occasionally Walmart, and I'll start hitting up RiteAid soon. ALWAYS check the papers for inserts before buying! Women at my Kroger will take them out, carry them around, cut out what they need and never even pay for the paper! Yay for couponing!

Heather D said...

I want to coupon SO badly but can't get my head round it. Any tips?

Christie O. said...

I emailed you, but in case you didn't get it, here's where I started:

start slowly and trust me, you'll build momentum after a few weeks!!!

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