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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Receipt Report ... Ooh it's gonna be a good week!

OK seriously, being new at this and addicted, I waited with bated breath for the next Publix ad to come out on Tuesday night and woohoo! So much that I get is on bogo this week!! I started writing my shopping list early this week (and this post!)

The Plan

There is a $10 off $40 of groceries from Sweetbay coupon that's printable and guess what? You can use it as a competitor coupon at Publix! Hooray! Thanks again, Southern Savers! I also got another 2 $5 off coupon from Sweetbay and another $5 off coupon from Publix so the next 3 weeks are covered!!

So I'm very excited.

My favorite products on bogo this week:
-Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (I'll get brown rice to make rice bowls again all week, a great quick lunch or post workout recovery  meal). I have a coupon.
-Pam nonfat butter spray for which I have 2 coupons.
-Thomas' Bagels my favorite of all the bagels! (I'll get whole wheat -- my favorite pre-workout meal consists of natural peanut butter on 1/2 a whole wheat bagel with Polaner's All Fruit). Also, last week I stocked up on the bogo Eggbeaters and $1 a box frozen turkey sausage, so it'll make a great egg/sausage on a bagel! Hooray!
-Kellogg's Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies that the kids love. I have coupons for this. I hate to say this but last week I caved in to the request to buy Reese's PB Cup cereal (I know, don't shake your head at me) and while my 4 year old actually didn't end up liking it (thank goodness), I couldn't stop grabbing handfuls of it. I had to put it in the laundry room at one point. So that goes on the list of 'to never ever come into the house unless I find a padlock for it.'
-Green Giant canned veg and Green Giant Steamers veggies

The Meal Plan
Oatmeal, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, Whole Wheat bagel or eggbeater/sausage on a bagel, Chobani or Yoplait FF yogurts, low-fat Nutrigrain waffles with Polaner All-fruit

Dinners will be:
Tonight: Brown rice and chicken rice bowls with curry mustard dressing like from Chicken Kitchen (I found the recipe! Sort of! Soon to publish...)
Pulled pork sandwiches with a low-fat version of my full fat coleslaw
Tues: Veggie pasta with low-fat cream sauce (to die for! And this week's recipe o' week this Saturday)
Weds: BBQ chicken breast with confetti couscous
Thurs: Leftovers
Fri: Date night
Sat: Club sandwiches

I'm thinking this week's gonna be a good one for savings! I'll let you know when I get back!

The Result

I spent $110.56
I saved: 67.80

And I'm stocked up on cereal for the next couple of weeks! A couple of things that weren't published out there was that Go-Gurts went down in price a little and with a coupon, it made them just over $2 each for 8 tubes. Also, some nice person left a coupon on top of the Dora/Cars Yoplait yogurts! How nice was that! Random Act of Kindness!

But this week's CVSing really paid off. Arm & Hammer Detergent was on BOGO and I had a coupon, so I spent $4 for two of them. Kashi Go Lean was on sale for $2 a box and Crest Pro Health, Oil of Olay Body Wash and Old Spice Deoderant (all of which we use) was not only on sale, they offered back extrabucks for getting them and I had coupons. So I walked out with $31 in savings and $11 in extrabucks which means technically I paid less than $20 for:
2 Arm & Hammer Detergents (bogo + coupon)
2 Puffs Pluss boxes (sale + coupon)
2 boxes Kashi (extra bucks)
1 Oil of Olay Body Wash (sale + extra bucks)
1 Old Spice Deoderant (sale + coupon)
1 Old Spice Body Wash (free with coupon)
1 Secret Deoderant (free with coupon)
1 Oral B Toothbrush (extra bucks)
2 Crest Pro Health toothpastes (sale + coupon + extra bucks)

CVSing doesn't make sense for me if the items on sale aren't items I normally buy, so I am stocked up now on body wash, deoderant, toothpaste and cereal! All great for the long run! I'm reading everyone's amazing posts at Southern Savers and I'm not getting totals quite like them yet but I'm working on it! Still, this is great savings for our family.

How did you do this week?? If you're interested in anything on my menu list that I haven't linked a recipe to, email me! Have a great week!

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