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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Housekeeping

image.jpgOver the next few weeks, I'll be adding some new installations around here. On Sundays, I'll be talking about my foray into couponing in the "Receipt Report." On Saturdays I'll be posting recipes with the occasional review and giveaway of my favorite things because I love giving away my favorite things.

I've also added another little area for me to talk about stuff (because I just can't shut my trap) and there's not much going on there yet but there will be and you can see it up top, it's called "Christie's Place" and it'll be "where the cape comes off." Topics? Anything goes. I am working on a post about seeing the new Bieber movie. It's also sort of an experimentation with Wordpress. Hmmmm.

I don't know if you know this but I recently took a new post as secretary of my tri group, the Palm Harbor Tri Warriors, which is also a non-profit group and with that, I started a newsletter!!

It's called "The Finish Line," (because "Getting to the starting line is the hardest part.") Now, even if you aren't into triathlon but you're interested in anything fitness-related whatsoever, we talk about nutrition tips, fitness tips, recipes, etc in it so I'm going to publish it here too for your reading pleasure! This is February's newsletter here and you can see what we're up to. This month we focused on post-workout nutrition. March is "Nutrition Month" so we'll be focusing on "Race Day" nutrition.

Finally, February is wrapping  up so it's almost time to name March's "Super MOM of the Month!"  Do you know a Super MOM?? Of course you do!! She could be a blogger, a non-blogger, just someone who overall kicks ass and should be recognized for it. Here are the nomination details here!

Have I mentioned that I made heart-shaped turkey meatballs and whole-wheat spaghetti for our Valentine's Day dinner? (Do I get extra points for spending 45 minutes shaping the turkey meat into heart-shapes?)
Oh, we don't get points? Oh well.
Tomorrow is our first tee-ball game in history! Hooray! (One guess who is the team mom.)

There's my tiny guy in his gargantuan helmet (it's like Sputnik)
I'll be spending the weekend trying NOT to eat everything in sight (anyone have an electric shock collar I can borrow?) and staying focused and above all, enjoying BASEBALL! Even though it's the Yankees.

Running with Sputnik head
Happy Friday and have a great weekend!! (Come back tomorrow for a great post-workout recipe!)


DeanO said...

I saw the picture of your little guy and the big helmet - I immediately remembered the movie "Lucas" how cute

ChupieandJ'smama said...

The meatballs are soooo cute!! I'll be stealing those for next year.

Gooooo Team!! Hope all goes well :)

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