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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower: Game #2 (Another Giveaway!)

We're throwing a Virtual Baby Shower here at Average Moms Wear Capes!

Which means games! And prizes!! (Did you get some of the yummy quiche my mom made? How bout these decorations, do you love them??)

(Why am I throwing a Virtual Baby Shower? You can read about that here.)

And don't forget that this is game #2, so if you haven't played game #1 yet, I'm giving away a Bebe Au Lait nursing cover as part of game #1, so head on over and play that game too, you can play any game until late Monday night!

First, about today's prizes! 

The pr people for Vaseline e-mailed me about their 150th anniversary recently and I thought about all the reasons I have Vaseline in my house (and how I never in a million years thought I'd do a post about Vaseline, but here I am! Doing a post about Vaseline. And actually, this is my second post about Vaseline because I wrote about Vaseline and its usefulness during chafing at Shrinking Jeans a couple of weeks ago. But that's neither here nor there.)

Well Vaseline has a contest on their Facebook page about its creative uses and the answers were sort of funny. But as part of the baby shower, I wanted to get a "game" going about Vaseline stories here (clean ones, people, clean ones!) And so here are mine.

During our half marathon in San Diego, they had a Vaseline station, where the volunteers gave out Vaseline on popsicle sticks to people who might need them for chafing. But someone in our group saw someone eat one and watched them as they immediately realized that the mystery substance on the stick was not an energy gel after all. That's unfortunate. Especially at mile 11.

But truthfully, Vaseline is the answer for chafing while running, it is wonderful to put in your thigh-al region to avoid that rubbing rash you can get (like me) or even for guys who get the nippy chafing in their shirts.
Original - US
Vaseline was my absolute favorite remedy and cure for diaper rash with both of my children. I would clean their little bottoms and apply the Vaseline and then by the very next diaper change and I am not exaggerating, by the next diaper change, the rash would be gone. Every.Single.Time. It was a miracle. My mom told me it was better than any of the diaper creams and it is true. I swear by it hands down.

My next Vaseline story comes from middle school and it still makes me laugh although I'm realizing now that this might be one of those "non transportable" stories -- the ones where they're funny to me but not to you, you know those? I was dating this really cute guy in middle school and he lived right down the block. He was a werewolf for Halloween and he told me so and when he showed up at my door to go trick-or-treating with me and all our friends, I looked closely at his arms and saw that they were glistening. And I asked him what it was because I suspected it was Vaseline and indeed, it was. He used Vaseline to secure all the dog-hair he'd shaved off his dog to his arms so he could have super hairy werewolf arms. So he was a werewolf with doghair and Vaseline.

Anyway, as you can see, Vaseline is almost like Windex in the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" sense of the word, there are just so many uses for it that it is almost the answer to everything from diaper rash to a werewolf Halloween costume.

And you guessed it! LuvsDiaperSz3 - with monkeyToday's giveaway is yes, a nice big jar of Vaseline!

But also to go along with it, we're going to give away a big box of LUVS diapers in a size 4 because they just go so good together!

LUVS has recently changed their packaging to these cute little monkey fellers and they want YOU to have a pack of them before they hit store shelves! We "luv" LUVS in our house, we use them all the time here! They're the most inexpensive of all the brands and they work spectacularly and that's really the two things that matter most.

So there are two ways to play today's game:
1. Either leave me a comment telling me about the creative uses you've had for Vaseline or heard of or witnessed. (Clean!) OR if you have no creative uses for Vaseline whatsoever which I'd find hard to believe, you can play this way: take the words "Vaseline" and "LUVS" and make as many words out of them as you can. (For this one, you'll have to email the answers. Either one of these games counts as one entry but if you do both, it still counts as one entry.
2. Tweet about the game and leave a comment here.
3. Donate to the NICU showers at the Mommies Little Miracles website (top right hand corner) or purchase something off the Mommies Little Miracles NICU Showers registry (First Name: Mommies Little Miracles, Last Name: Tampa Bay). *NOTE* This actually gets you TWO more entries to this contest as well as two automatic entries for both of the other giveaways! So that's actually 6 entries throughout the duration of the baby shower! Just make sure to leave a comment telling me you've donated.

On account of Halloween being on Sunday, this contest will be drawn on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd and so will the others, so NOW you have all weekend to play! Contest ends at 12 a.m. Nov. 2nd (late Monday night.) ET.
Game #1 can be found HERE and it's a word scramble (there are funny words in there if I do say so myself.)

Have fun! And come back tomorrow for our Halloween photo contest and another prize!!

Disclaimer: We (as in I) was not compensated for this review or giveaway, I just really like the products and these opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.


Pubsgal said...

That story about the dog hair and Vaseline werewolf costume cracked me up! So it's actually a highly transportable story. But sadly, no Vaseline stories here.

*Lissa* said...

Does it count if I donated last week or the week before? ;p

My Vaseline story... in 7th grade, my Mom played an April Fool's joke on me. I decided I would show her and put Vaseline all over the toilet seat. Yeah. I got in a little trouble over that.

Niecey said...

My 2 year old son just had a very creative use for vaseline today! He just emptied the whole jar out on the tv. Our tv is nice and shiny now! And my son is very waterproof. Fun.


Niecey said...

I tweeted!/goodieslist/status/29401924325

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