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Friday, October 08, 2010

Progress! NICU Baby Showers

I want to say THANK YOU hugely and wildly to some of my wonderful friends who have already contributed to my NICU Showers project and if you don't know what I'm talking about, myself and my group, Mommies Little Miracles (a preemie parenting group), are throwing baby showers for mommies who have babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

We have 6 hospitals and we need a lot of help. We are doing this because so many moms who deliver early have never had a chance to even have a baby shower and having these at the hospitals allows them to take a breather and reflect on the miracle they have sitting in that incubator a couple halls away.

This is our third year doing this but this is the FIRST year we're ahead of the curve by holding a "baby items drive" where we have drop off locations throughout our area and we also have a baby registry on Babies R Us to make it easier for people to donate items!

But first, THANK YOU TO NANCY AND THEA AND BROOKE for your help so far! Your thoughtfulness has touched me (and made me cry!) Thank you!

My sons' pre-school is also getting involved with the project by allowing us to have a baby item drive at the school! I set up a pack n play in the lobby this week and we already have some donations! (This photo was taken before the donations got in there.)


My 4 year old helped me set it all up and he asked me why we were doing it so I told him all about the project.

He immediately wanted to go get some toys for the babies which made my heart sing, so after naps, we went out to get toys for the babies. They each picked out a toy and I had a coupon for a diaper pail that I had in my pocket with a baby wipe so it was a moist coupon and I felt bad, but the guy took it anyway.

Yesterday we dropped off the baby toys and they were so happy to do it!

It was all they could talk about all morning. Although it doesn't look like it in the pictures.

I'm so happy that they want to be involved in doing this and my 4 year old doesn't know this, but this project is full circle to him. He's now helping moms and babies who are in the shoes we once wore.

We have a whole month left before the showers, so if anyone wants to help, here are the ways you can:

One of the moms in our group shared such a heartfelt reflection of her daughter's one-year birthday, which to the mom of a preemie is always such a bitter sweet occasion and she allowed me to share it on our Mommies Little Miracles blog so if you get a chance, go read it, it's really beautiful.

Thank you SO MUCH EVERYONE who has been a part of this with me and who has opened their heart up to the project. I'm beyond words and you know for me, that's hard to do.

Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful blessed weekend!


Maggie said...

Can I just say how awesome and wonderful it is that you are involved in this kind of thing?

Brooke said...

i've already made a dollar! :) Jay noticed something I was going to sell that he didn't want me to get rid of, so I made him pay me for it! :) i'm praying that my yard sale is a success tomorrow and even more so that the floodgates open for you.

Anonymous said...

The more stuff that we get the more events we can hold throughout the year for parents. Like a Mother's Day brunch, Father's Day, Xmas, Easter. We give away items and gift bags for those holidays too. Keep um coming! It means the world to these parents to not feel so alone during such a difficult time.

Pubsgal said...

I'm two pom-pom balls away from getting you a few hand-knit baby caps! And I love how the little guys are getting in on the humanitarian action. Best of luck with the baby showers!

Question: Do you prefer gender-neutral items, or can it be specific?

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