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Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Words and I Need to Get a Room

I love words.

The way that you can put two or three completely unrelated words together and you can paint an entire backdrop of imagery, a feeling or even just a thought.

How putting something simply will tell a novel or how spilling words into a novel can say something simple.

I love how words fill me up like the Shoney's buffet when I see them, when I read them, and I can't get enough of them. The only difference is that no matter how many words I see or write, I am never full.

I love how words inspire me to write more words and how the words that are filled up inside me sometimes have to burst forth from my fingers at 12:30 in the morning and how they will even wake me up to do it.

I love how words swirl around my head for a long time like a tornado until what feels like the perfect combination of words is formed and I can finally write them down in an organized manner.

I love special words that sound so magical, like "elixir" and "potion" and I love using words in completely wrong ways, like describing a night out on the town as "frothy."

I love how words can express me and how the lack of words expresses me even more.

I love how there is a word to describe absolutely every thought or feeling or anything else in the great big world and I love how sometimes you have to go on a scavenger hunt for the perfect word and when you find it, it's like finding the perfect dress. It completes you.

I love other people's words and how the words that have burst forth from their fingers envelope me and I love how their words can make me feel comforted, like I am not alone in this world. I love how just words can do that.

I love the absolute profound effect of words on people, how even just changing the emphasis of a single word can change the entire meaning of the word.

I love how doing this will change a word's importance.

I guess that means I love fonts and typing words too, because I love how you can dress a word up, make it come alive, make it LOUD on the screen. (Or even soft.)

I love how three little tiny words mean the entire world. "I love you." And how you can't leave another person without saying words and if you do then you left, "without saying a word" and that can be devastating.

Even repeating the words "without saying a word" means just as much as the silence the other person left behind.

I love the power and the color of a single word.




I love descriptions like sheer and luxurious.

And I love that when people feel as if they've run out of words to describe what they're feeling, they just go and make up new words like ginormous and fugly and how the words express exactly the feeling they're going for.

I miss old words like "shan't" and "tither" and "henceforth" and "fortnight." And I wish they could be brought back into everyday writing and conversation because they make conversation sound regal and educated. I love our words now but I love how words once sounded and once were written. It was a different time but the words were still so very good.

I'm sad that there are words that make me feel old because I don't understand them like slizzard and sizzurp and how they make conversation sound exactly the opposite of regal and educated and I hope that in the future when people read those words, they don't judge our society based on those particular words and in fact, I do  hope those words don't make our society time capsule if we had one.

I love how I will sit down to write just a few words but two hours' worth of words will come out and then it will be time for lunch and to pick up the kids and I have done absolutely nothing else because I can't stop writing words which is exactly my predicament right now. And actually sometimes I don't love that at all because it means I haven't gotten anything else done and I know that even if I try to do something else, the words will just follow me around until eventually they make me sit down again to get them out of my system.

Sometimes I will not be able to extract myself no matter how hard I try because the words desperately want me to finish their thought and doing something like getting a glass of water or a cup of coffee or going to the loo will interrupt them and I think they find it rude.

And all they will do is follow me anyway and make me sit right back down.

I love the word "loo."

Sometimes all I want to do is be alone with my words and sometimes I feel like if you could see me with my words, an onlooker might tell me and my words to go "GET A ROOM!" Which to me is what Starbucks or anywhere with free wireless is for.

Sometimes words make me pull over to the side of the road in the car and grab at whatever receipt is in my center console or on the floor so I can jot them down before they are forgotten. They can be very pushy.

And if I know words, I know how much they hate to be forgotten.

I love words so much but sometimes I need to get away from words because they are loud in my head and they're angry and so that's when I have to put on music and dance or sing the words away. And then sometimes the words are so angry that they spill out of me in my other favorite form of communication, the strongly worded letter.

I am really good at those.

I could end this post about words but to be perfectly honest, the words don't really want to. They're making me continue to sit here and type about how much I love them. They're very vain that way.

But I am going to have to put a stop to this and do something else. Even though I know them very well and they will make me rethink the words in this post and return to editdeletewriteagain until they believe they have said exactly what they wanted to say.

Because the words will want to make sure they look ok before they go out on stage. So I will have fixed them at least 20 times before you get to read this.

I hope they look ok, because now I'm pressing "publish."

I love that word too.


Dawn said...

LOL! I immediately thought of the movie "Never Been Kissed", where Drew Barrymore was that geek who, when the cute boy asked her to prom, she was freaking because "she has no words, and words are my life!" LOL!

i have some of my own favorite words too. I know what you mean!

Dawn said...

(((I'm sorry, I wasn't calling you a geek!)))

Anonymous said...

Speaking of publish...the entire time I was reading this, I was wondering if you've ever considered writing a book?

I'd be first in line to buy something you've written. Because you...

...have a way with words. : )

Pubsgal said...

This post cracked me up. And definitely what "imadramamama" said - you need to write a book! You definitely have a gift for words. In fact, I've had your mondegreen "I'm fly like a cheese stick" rolling through my head for days now!

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